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Understanding the Most Common Mental Health Conditions

Whether you or your loved one has experienced or is experiencing a mental health problem, life can feel almost impossible at times and you can feel as if nobody understands you. Developing your knowledge on mental health conditions can not only help you understand and help,…

Best Blinds for Families

Keeping a neat, tidy, and beautiful home can be a challenge when you have kids, but it can be done. You just have to be smart about how you decorate.

For example, leather furniture is much easier to clean than suede, and…



Your guide to garden features that will wow your friends

There is nothing better than entertaining in a space that you have proudly created yourself and know that it looks good. Your garden should be no exception and can be a great space to really show off to your friends your green fingered talents. While hiring a landscape gardener can be expensive, there are a few tricks and items you can add yourself that will really make a difference.

  • Invest in some furniture. Garden furniture can be a great investment, it is an important feature of your outside space especially if you want to entertain or dine outside. Get some serious patio cleaning done before you buy in order to get everything looking in top shape first, then browse garden stores and magazines to get an idea of what you might want. Covered day beds are a really cosy space that your friends will just love, if you are on a budget then look on some second hand websites, garden furniture is often being given away cheaply.

  • Create a water feature. The sound of trickling water has amazing effects on the mind, perfect for some outdoor meditation techniques. These can be available fairly cheaply or you can go the full whack and get a pond and feature installed. Talk to some gardening professionals to help you along the way. A reliable gardening service is the best idea for any radical changes that may seem daunting to do yourself.

  • A big garden tidy up. Sometimes all you really need is just to give your garden a bit of a revamp, leaf clearance, trimming and hedging, lawn restoration and repair are all little touches that can really make a difference. Even if you are adding a few extra features then it’s a good idea to get the basics looking at their best first.

  • Paint. Painting fences or existing garden furniture can really make a big change to your space, pastel colours for spring can bring life and colour to your garden as well as adding a modern flair to things.

  • Planting. Getting the right plants can really make a difference to your garden. Even liven up patios with some well planted pots. Impress your friends with colours and greenery adding fragrance to your patio or decking. Neaten up boarders with edging and add gravel paths for that manicured look. Make sure you keep up with the maintenance with dead heading your flowers and keeping on top of weed control.

  • Add a trellis. Climbing plants can really add beauty to a space or arch way. Wisteria can make any area look like a picturesque scene and never fails no impress. Trellis’ are easy to come by in various different styles and can be used as screens to section of parts of your garden. How about making a cosy picnic area hidden away in secret at the back of your garden? Or a covered archway leading to a barbeque area.

  • Look into garden design services. If you have a plan in mind then they can make it happen or just help you maintain your perfect garden. Should you have the budget for to get someone in for your renovation, then it’s a great investment for your outside space. It’s often well worth the money.

The most important thing about your garden is that it’s a place that you are able to enjoy. The chances are if it’s a space you love then your friends are going to love it too. Relax and unwind, go ahead and enjoy your magical space.

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