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At 2:21pm on December 6, 2010, Wanda Mcphee said…
Thank for your warm welcome and for checking out my blog. I am excited and passionate about it but I need more followers. I guess if I focus on building it with good content the followers will come, lol, this is what I hope for. I will check out your blog and follow for sure, it sounds very interesting and rewarding.
At 2:19pm on December 6, 2010, Deborah Lynn said…
Hi Ella,

Thanks for the nice welcome! I have become a subscriber of yours. Please check out my site at www.over35newmoms.com. I have a new blog entry today on the impact that becoming a mom has had on me.

Have a fantastic day!

At 2:09pm on December 6, 2010, fashion mom said…
I have put your facebookpage into my favorites.
But I don't know yet how to leave a message on facebook.
It's the first time a made a page on facebook. It is a little bit overwelmed.
would you follow me?
At 2:41pm on December 2, 2010, Samantha Woods said…
Hello, Thank you for the welcome. My children are grown so there is not as much children books-reading as in the past but I like your site and will pass it on to my friends. Please visit my site. www.DivorceWisdom.com. I'm always looking for resources for my viewers & clients to help them through divorce. If you have relevant children's books, drop me an email.
At 3:12pm on November 30, 2010, Slimy Bookworm gave Ella Johnson a gift
Thanks a million!
At 12:18pm on November 30, 2010, Slimy Bookworm said…
Thanks Ella for your response.
My website went live 5 weeks ago but I am getting discouraged.
Do you have any marketing ideas for a new start up?
What do you gauge the interest in children's books to be?
At 10:34am on November 30, 2010, Kelly Bacon gave Ella Johnson a gift
Thank you for the warm welcome. I am now following you through facebook. I would love it if you would follow me also. Thank you so much, Kelly kellysgiveaways.blogspot.com
At 5:57pm on November 29, 2010, Slimy Bookworm said…
Thanks for the warm welcome. I see that we are both interested in very similar things. Thanks for reaching out to me(and not seeing me as competition). I just opened an online children's bookstore myself; http://www.slimybookworm.com; my blog is at http://www.blog.slimybookworm.com
Going into business has been tough to say the least.
How have you been getting the word out?
Are people buying children's books?
I appreciate any pointers or sage advise you might have for me.
At 11:14pm on November 28, 2010, Rio Francisco said…
hello! I'll also be checking your blog and will subscribe to it. Have a nice day! :D
At 8:29pm on November 25, 2010, Samantha Palacio said…
Thank you for the welcome! I subscribed to your site! (At least I think that I did when I clicked subscribe!) I hope you will follow me as well. :-)
At 2:23pm on November 24, 2010, Keri said…
Thank you for the welcome!
At 12:44pm on November 24, 2010, Paulette Bethel said…
Is there a Borders or another book store in your area. You may want to hook up with them and have a children's book reading day. I am sure mom's would love to take their children to hear your books. You could have a book signing at the same time.
At 10:38am on November 24, 2010, Paulette Bethel said…
It's so nice to connect with someone who walks! I am a dancer and love to walk with the bands. I can choreograph my own routines. The bands make walking fun!
Do you have venues for children where you read them your books?
At 9:25am on November 24, 2010, Paulette Bethel said…
You keep the love of books alive. Thanks. Visit my blog at www.gyminashoe.blogspot.com
At 2:24pm on November 23, 2010, Darlin' Mama said…
thanks for the comment. Join my blog hop going on now www.nikkidarlin.com
At 6:28am on November 23, 2010, Angela said…
Hi thanks a lot dear for your warm welcome.lets keep connected
At 4:27pm on November 20, 2010, Grace Hodgin said…
Ella, I went back and put my email address in the comment form. I hope that is what you wanted if not then over look me...it's been one of those weeks.
At 11:14am on November 19, 2010, Marcie said…
I lost my post I was written on Carl Rainer who wrote a childrens book called Tell Me a Scary Story. It was a great book for Halloween. My kids have asked me to reread the story over again. Beautiful pictures .
At 1:58am on November 19, 2010, Kristy Canton said…
I have to say that your blog is one of my favorites... I subscribed to your feed. Why dont you have a link where a purchase can be made?

Visit my blog and tell me what you think.

At 8:49am on November 17, 2010, pope.cheryl said…
I love the giveaways you offer. My daughter loved The Diary of a Wimpy Kid Movie. Keep doing what you do:)

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