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Symptoms to Take Notice of in Children

The NHS has been facing ever-increasing pressures in recent years, with slashed budgets, staff shortages and lack of resources taking its toll on the quality of care. One of the many ways we commonly see the impact of these pressures is in waiting times for GP…

Mother of the Bride Guide

The day you’ve dreamed of for years has finally arrived! Your little girl is all grown up and has chosen a partner to start her life with, and you are officially a MoB -- Mother of the Bride! While congratulatory remarks are appropriate at this juncture, so are a few…

How to Through A Larger Than Life Small Wedding on a Budget

This one is as simple as crowdfunding your honeymoon. It might sound strange at first, but do you really need another blender or set of dinner plates? Instead of having your guests purchase a bunch of things you’ll end up trying to return anyway, why not let them chip in for…

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At 6:45pm on November 12, 2010, Jennifer Dickinson said…
My name is Jennifer Dickinson and I am casting a new docuseries for Go Go Luckey Entertainment ("Laguna Beach", "Paranormal State") about parenting in the modern age. The pilot, produced with BermanBraun for a major cable network, will focus on the relationships between mothers and their teenage daughters. We are interested in exploring the challenges of raising a teenage girl in the Facebook era, when many parents see themselves as their children's friends, sharing interests in things like television, music, and fashion.

We are targeting a number of areas, including Chicago,Texas (Houston and Dallas), the Twin Cities, St. Louis, and Boston. If you know of anyone who might be interested, please have them contact me at for more information. You can also check us out on Facebook.

Best Wishes and let me know if you have any other questions.

Jennifer Dickinson

Casting Director
Go Go Luckey Entertainment
At 11:14pm on August 11, 2010, Cynthia Helwig-Putorti said…
Hi there from The Girlz Korner in upstate New York where you'll find light, witty and rather entertaining articles on every topic imaginable from The Little Black Dress to Making Whoopie. So if you get a chance to kick back and exhale, if only for a brief moment ... come on over and see me some time.
At 3:55am on October 29, 2009, jenie said…
hope to have a friend in you too...come visit my blogs, and maybe we can exch links? ;)
life round me N you
earthy me
At 12:45pm on July 7, 2009, Melissa said…
Thank you, Gina! I appreciate it! :)
At 11:21am on July 4, 2009, Yonca said…
Hi Gina,
It took me time to figure it out ; ) Finally I did.
I love your banner by the way.
Happy 4th of July!
At 8:57am on July 3, 2009, Yonca said…
Thank you Gina. I' ve been already following you.(Picture is the same)
I'll add a button today also get your button and put it on mine.
Have a great day!
At 11:02am on July 2, 2009, Jeanine Peterson said…
Thanks for visiting my site Gina . I got to browse and follow you back now thanks to the Follow Me club.

You mentioned putting my button on one of your pages , but I couldn't for the life of me find it . Maybe you just haven't had a chance yet. I'm getting your button now and putting it on mine . Hopefully you can reciprocate :) ps - I google loved you a little too while I was there :) thx Jeanine jtrophy at aol dot com
At 6:58pm on July 1, 2009, Tess Moody said…
I know that some of the original members dont seem to be doing it anymore and Ive tried to encourage non participating members to cancel themselves so Im not sure what to say except unfollow the ones not following>
At 9:16pm on June 28, 2009, Donna Kozar said…
Thanks for your vote. I am following your blog. It looks really good.
At 12:47am on June 28, 2009, Samantha Gianulis said…
Following you for sure! Are those your boys? Lucky Mom, you.
At 11:44am on June 14, 2009, jenniffer17 said…
Hi Gina , thanks a lot for visiting the blog:)
Whenever you do the extra entries for the giveaways, make sure that you leave a separate message for each entry. That way you have more chances to win:)
Thanks so much for letting me know about the link!
Have a great day.
At 1:13pm on June 9, 2009, Mama of 3 Munchkins! said…
Hi Gina,

Your site is lovely as well.

I hope you have a great week!
At 6:46pm on June 4, 2009, Tanya @jobtitlemom said…
Gina, I finally added a follower button - hooray - took a while but I got there. When you get a chance follow me and I will do the same with you.
At 6:31pm on June 3, 2009, Tanya @jobtitlemom said…
Gina, what a great looking site you have. So much good stuff to look at. Nicely done. I am hoping to get my site looking good too. Following you hope you'll check out my site on twitter @jobtitlemom - just joined.
At 4:42pm on June 1, 2009, Tesa said…
I was reluctant as well, but I joined to make sure my kids were posting responsibly. They actually invited me to be their friend...imagine that! Shortly after, friends from HS that I hadn't spoken to in years contacted me and we reconnected. It's not bad at all, as long as you don't get addicted to challenging your friends to the games that are offered!
At 7:55pm on May 30, 2009, Jennifer said…
I put you in my favorite examiners. Still fairly new at the examiner and not sure it that does anything other than making it easier for me to get to your page.
At 12:50pm on May 30, 2009, Jennifer said…
Hi Gina, great to meet you here. I am also a parenting teenagers examiner. I'm in NYC. My other blog is Connect with your Teens through Pop culture and technology.
We should definitely keep in touch. I'm going to check out your blogs now.
At 2:20pm on May 28, 2009, Lisa @CrazyAdventuresinParenting said…
You're quite welcome, we're glad to have you! Please feel free to drop by if you need anything, or if you just want to chat ;)
At 10:18pm on May 27, 2009, Lisa @CrazyAdventuresinParenting said…
Welcome to MBC!
At 10:33am on May 25, 2009, shelley k said…
hi gina, welcome to the club from one newbie to another! :) look forward to getting to know you better, stop by and say "hi!"

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