What To Know About Using A Rideshare Service with Kids

Unless you live in a big city, you might not have a huge amount of experience using rideshare services, and particularly not with your kids.

However, if you have any travel plans coming up, you will more than likely use a…

The 4 Most-Often Overlooked Aspects of Starting a Business from Home

Whether you’re sick of bouncing from job to job or feel like your current gig just isn’t panning…



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At 1:38pm on June 29, 2010, kristin aure said…
Too funny.....I just went back to my blog and saw you were there! I'm learning the ropes slowly but surely :) And thanks for your kind words.
At 1:16pm on June 29, 2010, kristin aure said…
Hey Tina. Thanks for the welcome! Books!!!! Right up my alley. I'm looking forward to following your blog. Something my bloggers might be interested in as well. If you get a chance come take a look at my blog.
At 12:49pm on June 28, 2010, Leah Sloan said…
Following you now Tina. I'd love for you to check out my blog - it may look familiar to you!
At 1:06am on June 25, 2010, Stephanie Rosenhahn said…
Hi Tina! I just entered your Storytime Felt Sets giveaway from the Let's Enter Each Other's Giveaways group! I am also listing it in a daily post I do on my blog called the Low Entry Lowdown, so I hope you'll get some more entries soon!

I'd love for you to stop by and enter my $40 CSN gc giveaway when you get a chance.

Thanks so much : )

Ten Talents
At 12:11am on June 21, 2010, Andye @ said…
Thanks so much! Your support is awesome! I really appreciate it!
At 11:10pm on June 17, 2010, Flour On My Face said…
Thansk for following my blog. I am now following you back!
At 11:11am on June 16, 2010, Frugal Philly Mom said…
I'm following your blog as well, great blog!
At 11:10am on June 16, 2010, Frugal Philly Mom said…
At 8:04pm on June 13, 2010, Julie Stiles said…
We love, love love, books. I am so happy to have found your blog! Following you (found you at Simply Follow). When you have a chance I'm at
At 12:53pm on June 13, 2010, Trina O'Boyle said…
Hi Tina,

Please send me an email with details on the review, sounds interesting!

Thanks for supporting O'Boy!
Looking forward to working with you...
At 6:46am on June 13, 2010, Rebecca Fyfe said…
Thanks for following a few of my sites and love yours! Sorry my links weren't working. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. Not sure why.
At 8:37am on June 12, 2010, Joy said…
Hi there! Thanks for following! I just followed back!

At 12:59pm on June 7, 2010, Michelle said…
Hi Tina, Thanks for following! Im following you now! My girls looove books and I am glad I found your blog!

At 8:16pm on June 6, 2010, Crystal said…
Hi Tina! Thanks for the note---I stopped over to your blog, too.
At 7:46pm on June 6, 2010, Adriel from the Mommyhood Memos said…
yes, i am tina! love reading to children!! :)
At 11:47pm on June 5, 2010, Jessica Bittke said…
Hi Tina, thanks for the follow and for entering the Skoy Cloth Giveaway! I hope you get some samples for your event :)

To answer your question in your comment - I have washed the cloths every day either in the dishwasher or the washing machine and mine are still holding up good as new. My orange one is stained a bit but still works great.

Oh and with Twitter - after you tweet just right click on the timestamp of your tweet (or where it says "posted 5 seconds ago" or something like that, select 'copy link' and then paste that link.
At 8:57am on June 5, 2010, Tesha Vann said…
Hi Tina, thanks! I'm one of your followers from way back. Thanks again for the comments on my blog. Hope you have a great weekend!
At 8:23am on June 5, 2010, Nikola Hartmann said…
Hi Tina,

Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments.
You have a wonderful selection of books and I enjoyed reading your reviews. I'm looking to expand my audiance to mom with younger kids, and now follow your blog and you on Twitter.
Have a great weekend!
At 1:24am on June 5, 2010, Tiia Jones said…
Thanks so much I guess I had already done what I needed to do on your page! :) I made a comment on your most recent post--great stuff!
At 11:40pm on June 4, 2010, Tiia Jones said…
I friended you and I'll like the page as soon as you accept the request. I'd appreciate the "like" back. :)
I'm going to enjoy checking out your blog in more detail!

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