How To Keep Your Home Allergy-Free

Nobody likes suffering from allergies. For parents, it is especially hard watching your kids battle runny noses, watery eyes, frequent sneezing, and other symptoms. Help your children overcome their allergies with clean air to breathe and a healthy diet. 

Keep Air Clean

This infographic shows ways to rid…

How-To Check Your Home Maintenance

Home maintenance tasks are few people’s idea of a good time, but tending to them at the appropriate times is vital to making sure your home stands for as long as possible. Here is a brief list of some of the maintenance tasks you need to get in the habit of doing now – before it is too late.

Damage Checks…




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At 4:54am on April 10, 2011, Nekky said…
Hi Naomi, thanks for joining and the comment. Looking forward to connecting with you.
At 9:47pm on April 9, 2011, Brenda B said…
thanks, it looks like fun
At 4:08pm on April 9, 2011, Nekky said…

Thanks Naomi for the welcome. I visited your blog and I'm now following you. I won't mind having you back. Thanks.


At 10:18pm on April 7, 2011, Lori Smith said…

Hi Naomi,


Thank you very much for the warm welcome. I look forward to reading your blog! Here is a link to my blog if you are interested. 


Take care & have a wonderful day!

At 8:37pm on April 7, 2011, Denise Wei-Vital said…

Hi Naomi!

THanks for welcoming us! Sorry it took so long! We're following you & like you back!


Denise & Justine

At 3:33pm on April 6, 2011, Tracy Coughlin Lynch said…
Thanks for the welcome! Much appreciated
At 10:51pm on April 1, 2011, Kathryn Dilay said…
Hi mommies! Thank you so much for all your messages. I am so glad to meet such enthusiastic and wonderful mom bloggers like you. I do apologize for replying just now since my dsl hasn't been running smoothly, so to speak, these past few days. Well, it's running fairly decent now that's why I'm taking advantage of it by answering all the messages and checking my websites.

Of course, I'll be more than happy to visit all your sites. I'm sure that I'll be learning a lot from them. As for the follow (mombloggers), I'm not actually sure "how" to follow yet since I'm new here so when someone has time, can you please teach me how so I can begin following you guys? Thanks in advance. =)

Again thank you so much for the warm welcome and the compliments. You don't know how happy you have made me. I am looking forward to all the activities and blogs here. I am so sorry if I had to send the same message to everyone since I am not sure until when my dsl will be "cooperating" lol!

Nice meeting you all and have a good one!

mwah <3 1ProudMama
At 6:14pm on April 1, 2011, Kirsten L Cisco said…
Thank You -- Now I just need to get a few more .. Also if you look to the right of my  blog ( I redid it .. There is an area that say's "cool sites" I added your link. :)
At 11:18am on April 1, 2011, Jeana Tahnk said…
Hi Naomi,

Thanks for the welcome!

At 11:15pm on March 31, 2011, Kirsten L Cisco said…
Hi - Thank you Naomi for the warm welcome. I will follow you ;)
At 8:52pm on March 31, 2011, Noel Way said…
Thank you for the welcome.  Checking out and going to follow your blog:)
At 4:55am on March 31, 2011, Traci Thomas said…
Hi Naomi!  Thanks for the welcome.  I am now following you....
At 12:37am on March 31, 2011, Sonja said…

Hi...I’m new to the Mom Blogger Club.  I have a "Save a Life & Simple Reminder" Blog.  I want to invite you & family/friends to check it out & if you decide it's something of interest, pass it on.

At 10:18pm on March 30, 2011, Cindy J said…

Thank you for the warm welcome. I am following your blog.

At 9:53pm on March 30, 2011, Daphne Simpson-Wellman said…
Thanks for the warm welcome! I meet a wonderful lady who told me about this site.
Would love to receive your support on any of my accounts and I will do the same to for you. Thanks in advance



At 5:32am on March 29, 2011, Nicole said…

Hi Naomi

Thanks will check out your blog - mine is my ideaLife and is brand new so no where near as established as yours. Any advice would be much appreciated.



At 2:05am on March 29, 2011, anna_k67 said…

Thanks Naomi

I follow your blog (anna_k67)

pls follow my blog-

At 7:32pm on March 28, 2011, Deb Schrodt said…
Hi Naomi... I will for sure follow your blog.
At 12:30am on March 28, 2011, Rachel Harris said…
Thank you so much, Naomi!  I will definitely be following your blog for beauty tips as I work on my TV beauty segments. Thanks so much!

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