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At 1:53pm on June 8, 2009, Molly said…
hey Tanya...finally got a chance to read through your blog, and just became a follower....
At 8:11am on June 6, 2009, Yonca said…
Hi Tanya,
Thanks for following my blog. I'm following back now. You have nice blog.
At 10:50am on June 5, 2009, Gina L. Carroll said…
I am finally following you. Internet down ALL NIGHT---Not Pretty!!! :-)
At 7:11pm on June 4, 2009, Gina L. Carroll said…
My pleasure, Tanya!! Thanks!
At 9:48am on June 4, 2009, Mommy-momo said…
Thanks so much! look forward to chatting!
At 6:42pm on June 3, 2009, Gina L. Carroll said…
Tanya, Love your site. Love the theme. Haven't I so been there!! Couldn't see where to follow you on your site. Show me, show me. Look forward to connecting!
At 4:39pm on June 3, 2009, Tanya @jobtitlemom said…
jeanine, I just applied to Amazon to join. Yep, would like some help. Not even sure how to add the badges onto my site. It doesn't seem to be working. Your site looks great though. I need some badges to add a little something to my wordy site. Yes, let's help each other out and reach out to others. I will share any info I pick up from others.
my site
At 4:30pm on June 3, 2009, Jeanine Peterson said…
well, to be honest this is my first real try at the amazon affiliate. I don't buy from amazon much , but I have had their banners on my site with not much activity for the past 4 months. Send me the link to your site so I can reciprocate :) I am having great luck with the logical media affiliate - I've made $144 in the past 4 months . Google adsense I am starting to get some activity $20.xx in the past 4 months . I am NEW NEW NEW to the affiliate thing ,but maybe we could help ea other out ? or if anyone else wants to lend their advice ?
At 2:13pm on June 3, 2009, Tanya @jobtitlemom said…
DeAnna, love your name. I'm actually originally from London, UK and been living in Portland Or for 4 years now. Portland is lovely, sunny- ha, and the trails and Gorge are great yes. I'm loving this reaching out to all of you great women. Did you recently have a baby? My youngest is almost 11 months now and last Friday began crawling. She is everywhere.
At 11:41am on June 3, 2009, Deanna S. said…
Hi Tanya,
You're from Portland! I love Portland. We have visited many times and especially love going out to the Columbia River Gorge and walking the trails around all the waterfalls. Beautiful. Glad you enjoyed my blog.

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At 10:14pm on June 2, 2009, Angela & Angelica said…
Thanks for your comments, and you are welcome anytime, love your Articles !
At 9:08pm on June 2, 2009, Angela & Angelica said…
Hi Tanya, welcome to MBC !
Angela & Angelica
At 3:45pm on May 28, 2009, Lisa @CrazyAdventuresinParenting said…
You're quite welcome, anytime! Feel free to drop by if you ever need anything, or if you feel like chatting! ;)
At 9:54pm on May 27, 2009, Lisa @CrazyAdventuresinParenting said…
Welcome to MBC!



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