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At 9:44pm on June 25, 2010, Melanie Odette said…
How do I find blogflow to follow it? I'm still really new and overwhelmed here. thakns for the welcome!

At 8:57am on June 24, 2010, Readers4authors said…
Thanks for the invite! I already joined and am looking forward to meeting others.
At 9:51pm on June 23, 2010, Carissa Sutton said…
Thank you! I'm following back :D LOVE your blog!
At 11:03pm on June 21, 2010, Deb Chitwood said…
Great blog, Ericka! I’m following you now! I’ve been a vegetarian for 36 years. Now I’m a vegan 5 days a week and a lacto-ovo vegetarian the other two. I loved finding your vegan recipes. I can’t wait to try them out!
At 10:14pm on June 21, 2010, Towanda Leach Long said…
Thanks Ericka! Glad you like my blog and I love what you say on yours. It is full of personality!
At 7:35pm on June 21, 2010, Misty Boberg said…
Erika, I'm following you back! Gotta love gin!
At 2:36pm on June 21, 2010, Laura said…
I just checked out your blog and after only one post, I was rolling on the floor laughing. I'm your newest follower!
At 1:13pm on June 21, 2010, Hanan W. said…
Thanks for the welcome!! I will diffently check out your blog!
At 7:10pm on June 20, 2010, Cynthia ~ The Girlz Korner said…
Welcome to WBC and hi from The Girlz Korner in upstate New York. My blog offers light, witty articles on every topic imaginable and was created over a year ago. I truly designed my blog simply for the joy of sharing info. and never expected it to take off the way it has. I also never thought of adding a Followers section until now and because of all the awesome blogs listed here, I'd love to offer my readers the opportunity of connecting with you as well. So please ... come on over and see me some time. Hope you enjoyed your weekend.
At 7:26am on June 19, 2010, Stephanie Rosenhahn said…
HI Ericka,

Thanks for visiting my blog and welcoming me to the Mom Blogger's Club :) I am following you back now! Hope you have a great weekend!
Ten Talents
At 7:47pm on June 18, 2010, Cali DeCaro said…
love the blog!! Im a follower for sure! Hope you enjoy mine as well!!
At 7:29pm on June 18, 2010, the paper mama said…
Oh, I've seen your blog. AND, I love it! Thanks for following!
At 9:02am on June 18, 2010, Kyle Sadler said…
Thank so so much for the warm welcome. I am excited to join -- it is my first blog and online community.
At 12:15pm on June 17, 2010, Lisa~Korean American Mommy said…
Hi Ericka! Done, love your blog! Can't wait to share stories of mommy hood with you.
At 7:59pm on June 16, 2010, Kathleen Bunn said…
Hi hun. Thank-you for the comment. I did get a chance to visit your blog and ended up following you. You are hilarious by the way!
At 11:37am on June 16, 2010, Melanie said…
TY for the welcome :) I'm now following your wonderful blog! I love it!
At 9:43am on June 10, 2010, Kristina Ruth said…
Hi, I just started following your blog.... Here is my blog
At 10:46pm on June 8, 2010, Brandi Jeter said…
Thanks for the greeting! I'm going over to your site right now!
At 11:08pm on June 7, 2010, Cris Goode said…
Thanks for the welcome!
At 1:08pm on June 7, 2010, Sunny Gray said…
Thanks, Ericka! I'm following and "liking" you now!
Shop Smart,

PS: Would love for you to become a SunnySaver (free):

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