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At 6:43pm on December 17, 2012, Lori Shirley gave One Savvy Mom! a gift
At 6:29pm on December 17, 2012, AmalZahrah gave One Savvy Mom! a gift
At 11:54pm on December 14, 2012, Parker C Quinn gave One Savvy Mom! a gift
At 2:12am on December 10, 2012, Jessica Reedy said…

Thank you! I am very excited to check out your blog!

Crazy Little Thinggs

At 1:02am on December 7, 2012, Raquel Molczan said…

i just subscribed to your blog and i'm now following you on twitter. you have a great site file tons of great giveaways and ideas! would you be so kind and return the favor. i would be honored. thank you so very much!

here is my blog>>> (

...i also:

tweet: @theheartnart

pinterest: @theheartnart

instagram: @theheartnart


looking forward in connecting with you!


At 12:55am on December 07, 2012, Raquel Molczan gave One Savvy Mom! a gift
At 7:57pm on December 06, 2012, Tamara Willis gave One Savvy Mom! a gift
At 7:52pm on December 06, 2012, Varya@CWOV gave One Savvy Mom! a gift
At 6:46pm on December 06, 2012, Katia Bishops gave One Savvy Mom! a gift
At 5:50pm on December 06, 2012, Roxana Paul gave One Savvy Mom! a gift
At 5:33pm on December 06, 2012, JaShawndra gave One Savvy Mom! a gift
At 5:11pm on December 06, 2012, Betsy K gave One Savvy Mom! a gift
At 4:18pm on November 08, 2012, Jana Cantos gave One Savvy Mom! a gift
Nice to meet you!!
At 2:37pm on November 8, 2012, Elizabeth Obileye (nee Sama) said…

Dear One Savvy Mom!

Thank you for the gift. I am still trying to understand the system here.
Tell me something, what do the credits stand for, what are they used for? Trying to learn as fast as I can.

Still thank you.

Senior Teenager

At 1:01pm on November 08, 2012, Meagan Cline gave One Savvy Mom! a gift
Thanks for the gift! Check out the latest on my blog, and feel free to follow. it's a new venture, so I'm hoping to start getting traffic up and make new friends!
At 12:50pm on November 08, 2012, Sara Sherrell gave One Savvy Mom! a gift
Thanks so much for the ribbon! Have a wonderful day!
At 10:49am on November 08, 2012, Amber Medina West gave One Savvy Mom! a gift
Thanks for the welcome!
At 7:30am on November 8, 2012, Ashley F. said…

Thanks for the lovely ribbon! What a welcome gift!

xo's! - Ashley

At 1:44am on November 8, 2012, Maria Khan said…

Thank you, One Savy Mom! i am looking forward to being a part of this community!





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