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At 11:15am on July 12, 2013, Lea said…

Work At Home Mom, WAHM, Mom Blogger

I am stopping by to say "hello" :)
I haven't been here in a while.
I welcome your friendship :)

Lea @ Mother Baby Child & Weight Loss Help

At 2:10pm on July 14, 2011, the third boob said…
we (chach + nellie) started a blog & would love for you to check us out and hopefully get a giggle & some answers to "why is this blog called the third boob"?! (
if you find the story amusing enough to follow us or tell people about we would be forever grateful.
At 12:13pm on August 26, 2010, Cynthia ~ The Girlz Korner said…
Hi there from The Girlz Korner in upstate New York where you'll find light, witty and rather entertaining articles on every topic imaginable from The Little Black Dress to Making Whoopie. So if you get a chance to kick back and exhale, if only for a brief moment ... come on over and see me some time.
At 7:46pm on July 21, 2009, Liz said…
Hey Jessica. I am new to the MW Club but noticed that you are the only other one here at Fort Bragg. My husband is Army Special Forces and we have been here a couple years now. We actually live out in Pinehurst, where I work full time. My husband doesn't really mind the commute since he is never around to make it. You know how that is :)

I've had my family blog since June 2008 to help keep family and friends updated. Hope everything is good with you. Take Care!
At 6:56pm on December 1, 2008, Laura Kelly-Pifer said…
Jessica -

That is awesome! Keep up the good work with your weightloss. Need some additional ideas? Be sure to check out my blog.

At 7:29am on November 4, 2008, Penny said…
Got a phone call, 18 whole minutes... And an address finally!!!

Your children are adorable. Love your sons blue eyes. My son has blue eyes like that too, I find that they keep him out of trouble, or I should say, they sometimes prevent me from punishing him. lol. Those blue eyes are just too much, you can't say no to them, you can't stand to see them all watery... nothing but trouble.
At 8:06am on November 1, 2008, Penny said…
thanks so much for the comments. After BCT my husband is going to Fort Jackson for AIT. Hopefully he won't have to do any tours or anything so hopefully the kids and I can move to wherever he gets stationed. Hopefully. I say that alot... lol. Someone, a recruiter actually... lol, on the forum said yesterday that legally I'm not supposed to use the AKO account, that he should sponsor one for me. I don't want my own, it was kind of comforting logging into it and seeing where he is in the whole process. Strange but I sort of felt connected to him. But if there will be legal repercussions I guess I won't be logging into that anymore, until he comes home anyway and then we can look together.
At 1:53pm on October 21, 2008, Dejoni said…
Saw where you were asking about the Keys!! We love the Keys and hope to move there some day.
Everyone on the island is great. Laid back, friendly. It is such an accepting group of people.
Very family oriented. People ride bikes around everywhere and let there dogs run beside them.
I am so jealous!!!!
At 7:27am on September 5, 2008, Julie Machado said…
Thanks for the warm welcome!
At 4:50pm on September 4, 2008, Clara Zamora said…
Thank you!!! Those are great photos!!!!
At 6:38am on August 30, 2008, Andrea Cook said…
Hi Jessica. Thanks for your comment! I am very encouraged by people like you!
At 9:02pm on August 25, 2008, Jenn said…
Ha, yes, it is a small world! Did you know Jasmine Johnson or Raybert Evans (Jr)? They are both here in HI as well. Joey & JR are both Navy and lifelong buddies...of course they decided to take the same post! When it's Hawaii-why not? We love it here!
At 4:09pm on August 24, 2008, Jenn said…
Hey! Yes, we both went to PF, he was there before me. What's your last name? He'd probably remember you, he's upstairs sleeping right now! (slacker! lol) Your kids are ADORABLE by the way!
At 10:40am on August 23, 2008, Tiffiney (hippieprincess4) said…
Hey, Thanks for adding me as a friend! I have family that live out there near Bragg. And most of my family is from around those parts :) You have a cute site! Look forward to chatting with you some :)
At 12:09am on August 23, 2008, uppervalleymom said…
Thanks for adding me as a friend, and the motivational tip! I can use all the help I can get. LOL
At 9:36pm on July 31, 2008, Baby Boogers said…
love your most recent post! LOL!!!
At 11:24pm on July 30, 2008, Alisha said…
Thanks for the warm Welcome!
At 2:11pm on July 29, 2008, Stephine said…
Thank you for the add love your page check my site when you get a chance... Send a card or two on me!
At 9:56pm on July 27, 2008, Jenni said…
Thank you for checking out my blog!!! Yours is great, too! I also had a MySpace blog and decided I wanted something more "grown up"! LOL!
At 9:12am on July 27, 2008, Erin said…
I am glad I'm not the only one unable to deal well with neighbors!:) I'm checking out your blog right now.

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