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Making your children better at a stress management

Though the older generations still find it hard to wrap their head around, there is now a general understanding that stress knows no age. Some factors affect children, and because it doesn’t necessarily manifest in the same way as adults, it becomes easy to overlook the effect it has on them. A child witnessing an argument…

Foods Your Kids Love That Are Actually Good For Them (And Their Teeth)

As parents, mothers at that, it’s normal for us to be really conscious about what our little ones eat. We know for a fact that the things they like to munch on are not always the best options for them. For one, they love sweets. As we all acknowledge, sweets are to be eaten in moderation, even by adults. It’s going to be heaven…


From time to time we go through our membership rolls. Sadly many mom blogs have been abandoned. We noticed that posts trailed off as if the moms had every intention of coming back to write, but life got in the way.

For us, seeing these neglected blogs is sad because we don’t know what happened to these mom bloggers. More.

A quick jaunt around the blogosphere and you will read the same question asked in a variety of ways: How do I become a better blogger? In truth, although this is a simple question to ask it is a little tougher to answer. One tactic that all serious mothers who blog must tackle is finding ways to become wholly unique in an ever-growing sea of mom blogs. More...

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