My Husband or Significant Other Thinks Blogging Is.....

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My husband or significant other thinks blogging is....

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Great, he has been blogging for at least two years now.
over his head!


He just does'nt get it, and is amazed that I can most always ( let's face it brain farts happen to the best of us) can find something to blog about!
When I leave the page up he will read it and that is only when. He doesn't feel that he needs to read it because he lived it... MEN!
a silly hobby. I don't think he has any idea how much I love blogging, although I stay up late enough doing it, or how much of an addiction serious I am about it. He'll read something I've written if I ask him to, and he is complementary, but I just don't think he "gets" the whole blogging thing.
The next step in getting me to write a book....and supporting him in the luxurious lifestyle he'd like to get accustomed too.
Great discussion. I started a similar one in Everything Blogging, I think. I love reading your responses - mine doesn't really understand but is trying to be supportive.
I can so relate. Keep on going!
Maria said:
A waste of time. I think that is so sad because it is the only thing I do for me and I really love. I will not stop although I feel like he doesn't respect me doing it.
Too time consuming
And how are you using it to get extra money?

Juliana RW said:
My hubby support me 100% for me to blogging :D Because I can get some extra money...LOL
My husband thinks it is "cute" and tolerates it as long as it doesn't get in the way of his "quiet time" with me :-)
mine NEVER READS it - any of it

Allison said:
When I leave the page up he will read it and that is only when. He doesn't feel that he needs to read it because he lived it... MEN!
important to me, but he really doesn't get my obsession!


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