(or dad) about being a parent? I'll be totally honest here and say that my mother was very controlling when I was a child (thankfully she's come a long way). One of the things I am trying to be very conscious of is my son's ability to make his own decisions. I will always be there to offer guidance, of course, but when it comes to having a say in what he wears or the activities he enjoys I want him to feel a sense of autonomy, not parental suffocation.

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"Go with your gut" ... I guess that would sum it up for me. My mother passed when I was 18, so I never really asked about parenting advice (wish I had now, that I have 3 babies of my own).... But, I seem to feel that she went about parenting & life w/her gut instinct. She KNEW what to do, and how to do it. And she was confident in her choices she made. And confidence she has passed on to me. (I might second guess myself sometimes, but for the most part, I feel that the choices I make for my family are the best ones for MY family).
"people will step on you if you let them". It took me years to do anything about it, but boy when i " got it", i REALLY got it lol.
My mom taught me if I wanted something bad enough go after it and I will usually get it. She also taught me to never give up and that I can accomplish anything.
I think the most important thing that my parents taught me about being a parent was how NOT to do it.
that life isn't fair and to never say never. those are just a few.
Renee @ fefyfomanna said:
I think the most important thing that my parents taught me about being a parent was how NOT to do it.

LOL--I can relate to that
my mom taught me HOW TO WORK HARD for yourself and for your family.. . and im thankful i have learned that.
If you can read you can cook.

I know that's not necessarily true. I think she said that so I wouldn't be afraid of the kitchen. and I'm not.
She taught me how to be a wonderful mother! :)
I learnt that children need kidding!!

My dad set the boundaries- oh yeah he did it good...I resented it then but in retrospect, I thank him for it..if only he is still ard for me to let him know ..

That no matter what you want in life, it can be yours as long as you're willing to work for it, and that you should live for today, while savouring each moment.
Wow, that's pretty great!


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