Hey guys, I just started my 30 day blog challenge last Feb 19, 2015, it is my 3 day today, you can participate for free, just search on Facebook 30 day blog challenge, there is an inclusive group for that so called.

I participated in 30 blog challenge, not to actually do the challenge because literally it is no longer a challenge for me as I already passed the test of improving my writing muscle due to the fact that I blogged consistently in a daily basis for 4 months since started blogging.

But, it is more fun doing it as a group where you get to see more people excited doing the same thing each day, it inspires you more, to aim for the same goal which is of course to be successful in your blogging journey in the long run.

Feel free to visit the group and see you there. 

Here's the effect of my daily consistently blogging, my Alexa rank was 8 million to start with, 4 months ago, up to this date I was now down to 2.8 million, yes,  I have no plan to stop doing it daily not because I need to, but I love to put my thoughts into writing. 

If you need an inspiration on how to motivate yourself, feel free to visit my blog, put your link down below and I'll keep an eye an visit your blog too. 

Lets connect! thank you visit me

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