Though at the beginning of lockdown, kids were happy that schools are close and they will make fun at home, but now, I noticed they are getting bored. As it could be risky and also prohibited to visit parks and fun sites in many areas, that's why it is better to perform some arts and craft activities at home. It is not only for kids, but the family can take join kids.

Family Tree: Are you willing to tell your kids about all family members and it is robust in regular days due to tough study life then you should do it now. Yes, you can tell your children to make a family tree and make them familiar with different relations.

Spin Art: It is getting trendy nowadays among professional, but you can use some spinning tools, and I think oil paints could be enough to make such exciting paintings. Hopefully, your kids will love it.

Rainbow Art: Yes, COVID-19 rainbow arts are also very inspiring. Basically, these arts would give hope to the entire family and keep your kid away from disappointment. You can use gouache paints to make them memorable. Your kids would also love to paint a rainbow with gouache paints because of their impressive looks. Moreover, The use of these Copic markers could be benefits to draw these arts because water or art colours create a great mess, mainly when kids under 12 use them. But if want to make them with no bleed and featuring them better to use these Copic marker papers to get better results. 

Chalk Arts: If your kid doesn't keep the expensive art markers and paint colours with care, then you can try chalk arts. They are easy to use for kids of all ages, and with little effort, you can make one of the best illustrations.

Hopefully, your children would love these fun art activities, but it would be great if the entire family participates. If you have some interesting ideas, then you are welcomed to share by commenting below.

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Hi, Hoa

Thanks for placing your ideas. We tried to do a family tree, was interesting for everyone, and a truly great moment for children to know more about their roots, and spend time together. 

I have a great idea for craft activities from

First is Musical instruments - Castanets 

Issy is back with another home-made instrument.

Ask for an adult's help and follow the steps in the video to make your own castanets!

You will need: Cardboard, a ruler, bottle tops, glue, scissors, tape, and coloring pencils.




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