Cancer is one of the most disastrous diseases that doesn't give you pain but their treatment is also challenging. Unluckily, this disease is spreading among ladies at a fast pace. According to Statista, there were 1.9 million new cancer cases in the United States in 2022. Similarly, Statista survey projects there would be 935 thousand new cancer cases in 2023 only in the women living in the United States. It is definitely an alarming situation.

Although it is hard to stop cancer but we can still increase the survival ratio because our good behaviour and gifts could be one form of such kindness. Therefore, I am sharing one of the most comfortable and suitable gifts that you can choose for moms fighting cancer.

Adult Coloring Books - Probably, the majority of you will think colouring books are only good for kids but if any of your loved ones have been diagnosed with cancer and have a bad mental situation, you can surely consider giving them adult colouring books. These books will keep them busy and stay away from negative thoughts. Books like I Am A Cancer Warrior or Maybe Swearing Will Help could be the best in this regard. You can easily find them on Amazon.

Customized Jewellery - The idea of customized jewellery for cancer patients is another good option. In this regard, I would recommend you go with diamond or gold jewellery. Likewise, you can choose these lab-grown diamonds in London to get exciting jewellery designs at a reasonable cost. This jeweller also gives the sparkling brush for free to customers who buy rings. On the other hand, several pieces of jewellery such as necklaces, bracelets and rings are available on Amazon and eBay. 

Chemo Pack - Chemo packs are also considered one of the perfect gifts for cancer patients. These packs usually own everything that should be in a caring bag. It is smooth to access such ready-to-use gifts for women with cancer here but you can also customize packs on your own. Hereof, you can include a headband, cosy socks, comfortable pillows and ginger candy, eye mask in this pack. Platforms like Amazon, eBay or Cancer Care Parcel could also be choices to find such packs.

Kindle Subscription - It is the best activity to read books during your chemotherapy sessions. However, instead of books, reading interesting novels, books and stories through Kindle is better. Therefore, it is also a better choice to provide Kindle subscriptions to moms and ladies fighting cancer. You should suggest them few books and novels as well. 

Skin Relief Box - The moms who are facing hair loss, radiation burns and further skin problems surely need our help. I would advise the forum members to choose calendula or aloe-based creams for such ladies. By the same token, shampoos to protect hair follicles could also be great in this regard. 

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