Family vacations are essential for children and parents. Such holidays don't only provide a chance for the family to spend quality time with each other but also offer many mental benefits. However, if you are a mom blogger and planning family camping, then you must consider my following suggestions.

On Budget Camp Gear Shopping: To plan a camping trip, budgeting is the most crucial part even though many families skip the trips due to fewer budgets. However, there are several ways to overcome camping expenditures. In this regard, I would suggest moms to get outdoor and camping gear from the rei garage or other kinds of sales. Probably, you should keep 1-2 bins in the house and collect camping-related cheap stuff there the entire year. First of all, you need to include shelters and sleeping gear like these if you plan to stay there for more than a day. Sleeping bags, pillows and tactical mats should be part of your luggage. Also, don't forget to include protective gear to gather in such bins. The protective gear that must be part of your luggage is trash bins, flashlights, extra batteries etc.

Mainly, if you are planning camping in summer then you must have sunglasses in your luggage. You can get all tips are choosing sunglasses from It shares everything about eye protection and how you should place your sunglasses in suitcases. 

Moreover, the wearable things like hats, t-shirts, and gloves that you need to buy in bulk for the entire family you should purchase from wholesale instead of retailers. In this regard, you can consider BuckWholesale to purchase camping hats, gloves and tees at a wholesale rate. Similarly, you can also get outdoor, and sports gear for your kids from seasonal offers or coupon deals like this. In this way, you would have to spend a lot at once. 

Cook Simple Meals While Camping: If you are going to spend a lot on meals while camping then you are acting inappropriately. Camping doesn't mean eating a costly meal. It is a chance to live near nature that's why you should prefer organic and straightforward meals. Like you can carry fruits and corn with you. Similarly, you can keep the minced meat with you and cook it over the campfire. Yes, instead of investing in a camping stove you should go with a campfire even though many camping destinations already have such facilities.

Hire Motorhome Or Caravan: In the same token, it doesn't matter if you don't own a motorhome or caravan for camping. Even if you are thinking to purchase a motorhome, then I wouldn't support your idea because hiring is better than buying a motorhome. In this regard, you can see a variety of motorhomes from here and pick one according to your budget and the size of your family. Indeed, such RVs are only used for camping, and outdoor fun and families usually use them a lot that's why hiring is cheap as compared to the purchase. Must check whether they have digital equipment like a satellite navigation system or not. Don't forget to connect it with your smartphone and you can also consider this caravan satellite navigation guide from here to use this gear properly. 

Try Fishing & Other Outdoor Games: If you are picking a premium camping site then for sure, there would be many games and other activities for you. But, if you chose a free campground, then you need to play your own games. Your kids can carry their favourite games with them and play there. Similarly, if it is near a lake or river, then it is the perfect time to teach your children about fishing. By the way, listening to music and reading Ghibli novels at such camping destinations is my favourite activity. 

Start A Camping Fund: To increase the interest of your preteens, you can also start camping fun at home. Likewise, you can design a camping fund jar and motivate kids to start saving for camping tours. In this way, you can also teach some lessons about saving to kids. However, don't forget to play your role in this saving and don't pressurize the kids a lot for fun contributions because they usually have little pocket money.

Hopefully, my tips would help you with budget-friendly camping tours, but if you have more ideas, then you can share them by commenting below.

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