6 Effective Tips for Mom Bloggers to Drive More Traffic to Their Blogs


It is the prime desire of each mom blogger to get more quality traffic for their blogs. Mainly, new mom bloggers face many challenges to drive quality and potential traffic to their websites. In this thread, I am going to share very practical tips with bloggers in this community.

Here we go:

Website Design Quality & Content: First of all, your website must have a user-friendly, fast, and responsive design. It should be easy to navigate and its load time should be rapid whether users browse its mobile or web version. In this regard, mom bloggers can also consider these web design trends and choose from fast-loading and commonly used fonts in this regard. 

Although there are several themes available on different CMS including WordPress but you can also consider using web design services from a good company with some SEO packages. Moreover, you need to add quality, unique and error-free content to the website. The topic should be trending and obvious. Similarly, the length of the material should also be enough to engage readers. Secondly, it is also significant for bloggers to add content to the site regularly. At least, add new articles or content twice a week on your website.

Social Media Sharing: Social media networking plays a significant role to get more traffic. I would suggest my fellow mom bloggers share their posts on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest. The addition of social media buttons on your blogs could also be a good strategy in this regard.

Uptime & Scalability: The selection of the right web hosting service also matters a lot to increase the traffic to your blog. Indeed, the uptime, scalability, speed, and many other factors also depend on your web host. That's why it is vital to go with a hosting service that guarantees 99.9% uptime with great scalability features. In this regard, if your blog is WordPress one then you should go with WP hosting options like THCServers instead of picking random web hosting options. They are more beneficial with SSD backing and with different WP protections.

However, if you are not using WP CMS only then Veeble web hosting could be a great option. Hostinger, InMotion Hosting, and GoDaddy could also be reliable hosting platforms that mom bloggers can consider. 

Traffic Creation Services: If you are not a master in link promotion, search engine optimization and social media marketing, then you can also go with traffic creation services. In this regard, I found this Simple Traffic to get real visitors a very cool option. Yes, they don't use bots to create spammy and inorganic traffic that's why you can pick this option without any hesitation. Similarly, the use of quality SEO or social media marketing agencies like Udelop could also be a good idea. However, never go with any black hat optimization because it can hurt your site.

Include Videos, Images & Clipart: No doubt, a picture is worth 1000 words. The addition of relevant and quality images could also help you to gain more visitors. However, keep in mind that you are using royalty-free clipart or images in your posts. In case, you are running a farming-related blog then probably you should use these farm cliparts and yes, they are royalty-free and you can use them without any issue. On the other hand, you can also include YouTube videos in your posts. Many pieces of research claim that the addition of YouTube videos improves your rank on Google, which leads to more traffic. 

Invite Guest Bloggers: I can understand that sometimes it becomes tough for mothers to add new blogs to their sites with consistency. Withal, I will recommend you to invite guest bloggers to write and post interesting articles on your website. You can offer them author accounts against it. However, it is vital to check monthly or weekly whether they are posting quality content or not. 

All in all, I shared my thoughts and tips to drive more traffic to blogs. If you know more useful tips, then you are welcome to comment below. 

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These are great tips. I didn't think of the 'invite guest bloggers' and I been online a few years but not online if that makes sense. Thank you for sharing!

If guest bloggers are providing quality content then you can welcome them. 


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