7 Effective Tips for Moms To Start a Photography Business?


I heard from many mothers and from my colleagues that they were good at photography in their college life but didn't continue it after their kids. So, if you are among these creative ladies and want to start your photography business or even a stay-at-home photography business, then you must read these tips.

Determine Your Type of Photography: First of all, you need to understand what type of photography business you want to start. Or you can take photos of different styles of photography and can decide in which form of photography you are right. Some common photography types are family, social, outdoor, and kids. You can pick any of them.

How Would Make Money: The second question that comes into mind that how would you make money from photography. If you are a professional, then you can start teaching photography. Hopefully, many newbies are very much interested in learning photography. You can use YouTube or your blog as a platform to offer you services. Similarly, you can conduct photography for your clients or even can sell them on sites like Shutterstock, Pond5, and iStock. Moreover, you can also make also use your photographs to make YouTube banners and other thumbnail images. Different banner apps like BannerBoo, Canva, DesignCap, and DesignWazard can assist you in their editing and designing. 

Pick A Business & Domain Name: Now, it's time to pick a brand name for your photography business. You need to create a website, Vlog, and social media account with your business name. You can see the availability of photography brand names from here, and it is better to pick a niche-related one. Keep in mind, a business name is not enough. Yes, to have an online presence you should also pick a suitable domain name from here to boost your business. Better to avoid common and domain names with numbers. Also, don't forget to add an SSL certificate for your domain. 

Photography Gear & Business Plan: Yes, it is time to work on your business plan and decide on the right photography gear. To save some pennies, you shouldn't compromise on the quality of photography gear. You must have a good quality camera, primary lens, camera tripod, SD memory cards, premium editing software, graphic designing laptop, and lighting kit, etc.

Build Your Portfolio: Either you have clients or not, you just need to create a strong portfolio. 500px, SmugMug, and Zenfolio are good sites that can host your photography portfolio, and you can also share it with your potential customers or even with social communities.

Instagram Marketing: Instagram would be the best fit if you want to market your photography business by using a social media platform. Although it is seamless to buy Instagram followers nowadays but you can simply utilize this source to become rich by using Instagram because you would already have numerous attractive pictures. However, with your nature and other photography work, it is also vital for you to collaborate with Instagram users and take interest in popular discussions to engage your followers. In this regard, don't forget to use relevant hashtags. 

Push Notifications: If you are using a website or a mobile application to provide photographic services then the use of push notifications would be great. Probably, many of you have noticed that the stores from where you shop online send us notifications through a popup message on your device's screen about their deals and discount offers. You can call them push notifications. This push notifications' source would tell you how it helps when comes to promotions and how you can utilize this feature. 

Business Promotions: No doubt, you also need to promote your photography business to get more sales. First of all, you should have an online presence on Google My Business, Facebook, and other networking sites. Then you should also try marketing strategies like content marketing, local SEO, radio advertisement and email marketing, etc. Mainly, if you are from South Africa, then you should be considering using these radio advertisement sources to promote your services. Yes, radio marketing is still popular and provides numerous leads. 

For email marketing probably, this B2B dataset would assist you if you want B2B lead generation in the United States. However, to avoid undeliverability issues while sending emails to target clients, the use of this outbound SMTP service could be a good idea. The main purpose of this service is to deliver your emails to target clients' inboxes instead of sending them to spam or junk boxes. Surely, by using this service, you can get actual leads and sales. Indeed, these marketing techniques would definitely return back and you can work on many photography projects. 

In short, I shared useful tips for mothers to start a photography business. You are also welcome to share your ideas and suggestions in this regard.

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