As a lady and mother of two kids, I can easily understand the home security concerns of single moms. Single moms don't only fulfil all responsibilities of their kids alonely, but they also need to do several things to make their homes safe. That's why I decided to share my best home security suggestions with single moms in this thread.

Trusted Neighbours: Neighbours matter a lot in our lives. Especially if you are a single mother, then it is vital for you to find trusted neighbours to get a better feeling of living in a safe community. However, if you are willing to find a home, then must inquire how is living around you. 

Advanced Home Security Systems: As we living in the high-technology era, then it is good to get the benefit of the home security system. You should use smart lighting to switch on and off then instantly in case of an emergency with your smartphone. Similarly, as compared to a telephone entry system, a video entry system is considered more reliable. Yes, here you can speak to the person at the door via video call with the use of a smartphone application. In this regard, the video entry system of LobiBox could be an excellent choice with numerous advanced features and reliable services if you are a single mom and runs a small business with little staff. 

Install Security Devices: Single mothers should also install security devices not on the main door but also in other entrance and exit points of the house. Security cameras come first on this list. You can also easily connect these devices with your smartphone and keep an eye on all corners of your house. However, don't forget to have some PoE checker supplies like these to check the performance of your different IP cameras and other security devices. PoE works best for CCTV cameras and wireless security devices. So, you should make yourself aware of the use of these testers and security equipment. 

Smart Locks & Updated Windows & Doors: The use of smart locks is also essential for single moms. With the help of a smart lock, you can remotely open and lock any door. Notably, mothers who are living with kids can easily open and close any entry at any time. Moreover, the use of motion sensors on doors and doors could be an excellent way to identify any abnormal activity around your home. In this regard, you can consider using this Ring security system that offers doors, windows and ring motion sensor devices. Also, don't forget to check the locks of your windows and better to use curtains for windows. 

Use Social Media Wisely: Yes, you should use your social media accounts wisely and avoid posting your family photos on social media. Significantly, you should avoid uploading pictures of your home and different events on your social media accounts.

Name on Mailbox and Other Accounts: It is better to use the initial letter of your name and the last letter on your mailbox and other accounts like phone listings etc. It would assist you in getting in the eyes of scammers.

I provided my suggestions but if you have more ideas then you are welcome to share your ideas here. I am waiting for your response.  

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