Whether you are a working mom or a single parent, it is hard for you to deal with kitchen chores. However, if you are a mom of preteens and want to make your kitchen works easy, then you must consider having the following appliances in your kitchen:

Baking Oven

Although many of my fellow mothers will say that a microwave oven could be more beneficial for them, but I think a baking oven has its own advantages. Mothers of preteens can quickly open any cake, pizza or cookie recipe on the internet and bake it in their oven. Especially if you are working remotely, you don't have to visit the bakery and bake all the favourite food items of your kids at home.

Multi-Purpose Cooker

I consider a multi-purpose cooker as a magical chicken appliance as a mother. Luckily, you can instantly cook all pot recipes in a multi-purpose cooker for your toddlers, preteens, and teens. Probably, you can also call it a multifunctional cooker that saves money and time. 

Vending Machine 

I know it sounds strange why moms should have a vending machine in the kitchen or at home. Actually, a few days ago, I read a post of Sarah Watson where she mentioned how a vending machine with healthy snacks helped her to get rid of unhealthy snacks. Yes, a vending machine like this can help moms to keep unhealthy snacks away from kids.

Similarly, moms can also motivate their kids to do small house chores to earn a snack. It promotes hard-working habits in kids. If you don't have enough knowledge about companies to choose then you can also consider this list of best vending machine brands in this regard. For me, the best vending machine brands are AMS, Royal Vendors, USI and Fuji. Hopefully, you will go with a reputed name. 

Hand Blenders 

I believe that kids should drink homemade fruit shakes and juices instead of unhealthy beverages and drinks. So, the best idea to quickly make such drinks at home is to use hand blenders. They absolutely overcome the workload of busy moms.

Programmable Coffee Makers

Mothers can't take better care of their kids without taking their own care. Single moms usually feel bad when they don't find anyone at home who can make coffee for them at home. Therefore, the simple solution is the purchase a programmable coffee maker. Mainly, it is a magical kitchen appliance that can keep you attentive towards work. 

However, you can also choose a particular type of coffee maker. Likewise, Espresso is my damn favourite so I would like you to use the Espresso coffee machines from this list and probably, and these suggestions will be inexpensive for you. I have purchased EspressoWorks for my kitchen. Some other options could be De'Longhi and Flair espresso machines.

I shared my opinion about valuable appliances for busy moms in this thread. You can also share your thoughts by commenting below!

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