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As a working lady and working, I always have a great concern about safety. That's why I always try to have the best safety apps on my phone and best of them, I am going to share with you here.

SpotnSave Feel Secure: It is one of my favourite apps because it sends a security alert to pre-selected contacts with your location. In the same token, you can't only access it with a smartphone but even with a wristband device as well. This app is available at iTunes and Google Play, and I would suggest my fellow ladies to must install it.

Athena Security: It is another app that you can connect with your security cameras, and it will inform you in the case of any gun detection. Due to mass shooting accidents, I was anxious about the kids; that's why I installed this gun detection app in our phones to avoid any issue. Yes, you can share this app with 6 of your family members.

Shake2Safety: It is another highly recommended application that even work with a locked screen and no access to the internet. Yes, if you feel any threat then just press the power button fours time or shake the phone. It will send an alert to your family and other selected contacts. 

Circle of 6: This is another fantastic app that was basically designed to stop sexual abuse and violence. Yes, it will work against the workplace harassment, and your circle of 6 contacts will respond before the occurrence of any unwanted event. 

bSafe: It is also another outstanding app that sends your exact location with audio and videos of surroundings. It enables GPS of your device to find your location. 

I only shared the best safety apps that I have in phone and looking to increase my list and in this regard, you welcome to suggest to me. 

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