Though blogging sounds like an easy job but we bloggers know it is a little complex business, especially when it comes to spambot signups. I know many mom bloggers are suffering because of spam signups and contact form registrations. That's why in this thread, I am going to share some practical tips to get rid of spam signups.

Use reCAPTCHA: This is the first thing that comes into our mind when we think to identify spambots. However, I would suggest bloggers to use reCAPTCHA v2 invisible version where square boxes with different images are used. Likewise, reCAPTCHA v2 shows 6 boxes with different photos, and you will have to find which images contain cars, bicycles or traffic lights etc.

Use of Custom CAPTCHA: It also sounds effective tools to get rid of spam signups. This tool uses random mathematical questions which visitors would have to solve to complete the signup. For example, a box appears where you need to write the answer to questions like this. 7+9 = ____

Block Traffic With IP Addresses: This also a useful strategy to avoid spambot signups. In this method, you identify the IPs of spambots and block them in your cPanel. You can see this video to prevent fake signups as well. It will guide you about blocking IPs in a detailed manner.

WordPress Antispam Plugins: On the other hand, if you are a newbie or using WordPress, then the use of antispam plugins could be a straightforward strategy. I recommend plugins like WordPress Zero Spam, Akismet, JetPack and Akismet etc. in this regard.

Copy & Paste Block: If it is only about your contact form, then you can also apply the block copy and paste rule for your blog. It wouldn't only protect your site from spambots but also keep your secure from human spammers. 

If you know other tips to avoid spam or fake signups, then you are welcomed to share your views by commenting below!

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