In this lockdown situation and too many bad news about the spread of coronavirus, I am trying to keep myself busy. In this regard, I am planning to prepare my home for summer. That's why I am also going to share some useful tips with you.

Fix Water Damage Problems: In the summer months, we usually face heavy rains, wind and thunderstorms and become a reason for water damage. In this regard, I am going to check all of my house windows, roof gutters, doors and other areas to avoid further problems.

House Cleaning: At the end of winters, it has become essential for moms to clean their houses thoroughly. However, if you are late, then the beginning of summer is also the right time. You need to clean your upholstery, mattresses, kitchen, bathroom and windows etc. Though you can use different methods to clean them, but the use of these multi-purpose steam cleaners could be useful in this regard. Also, don't forget to clean your grout and garages to avoid dirty floors. 

Get An Ice Maker: If you already have an ice maker at home then it is great. Otherwise, it is also a better idea to purchase and install an ice maker. These countertop ice makers are not only easy to use but also very efficient in making ice for different beverages and drinks in summers. Especially with kids, the use of ice enhances in summers because they love to drink homemade drinks. Refrigerators can also play a good role here but if you have the budget then you should consider an ice maker as well. 

Trim Trees and Shrubbery: In this current epidemic, it would be tough to find any gardener or person who will trim your garden shrubberies and trees; that's why it is better to cut them yourself. Or better to get the help of your husband. Otherwise, in the case of windstorms, you will have to face serious consequences.

Air Conditioner Tuning: Either you use duct ones or split air conditioners maintenance is very important. That's why you should call an HVAC professional for complete checking of your cooling unit. Howbeit, if HVAC services are not available nowadays, then you can also consider this guide for air conditioner maintenance. Hopefully, you will figure it out. Don't forget dirty vents and filters can hurt the air quality of your house. 

Pool Maintenance & Cleaning: No doubt, pools are very basic in some big houses and even small houses according to the convenience of the residents. These pools are used a lot in summers, especially if your kids love swimming. However, their cleaning and maintenance is also significant and hopefully, you would aware of six chemical levels that must be considered by the Centres for Disease Control. Moreover, as a busy mom, you should also prefer electric pool cleaner like this to save your time and effort in terms of pool cleaning. You can also power wash the surface and surrounding of the poll via power washing once in a month to avoid dirt. 

Pest Control: No doubt, summer is favourite of insects and bugs, and it is better to go with spray your exterior with pesticides and close all holes in windows, doors and floor. Though the use of chemical sprays is common to kill flies, but I would suggest moms to use fly traps like this to keep flies away from your houses in a nontoxic manner. Many DIY ideas are also available on the web to prevent flies, either it is your home or garden. 

Prepare a Storm Emergency Kit: Yes, it is essential to have an emergency kit. Though this coronavirus epidemic could be a reason for the shortage of many medical supplies but even in normal circumstances, you should be ready for all kind of conditions and must have an emergency kit.

Get A Loan for Home Improvement

However, if you don’t have the budget or money to prepare your home for summer then it is better to apply for a home improvement loan. It usually falls in the category of home loans, and I would suggest you to compare home loan rates from here and pick a suitable option. It is also not necessary to overinvest.

Hopefully, these tips will help you. However, you are also welcomed to share your tips to prepare home for summer months. 

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