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I just posted my first blog saying anything less than huge praise for my husband. Not mean at all mind you, just snarky. What were your hubbies first reactions to getting coverage on your blog...good, bad or indifferent?

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Mine doesn't mind. Probably because I'm never mean or hurtful about it. I keep it light and funny. He has said he needs to watch himself from now on though or else I'll blog about him!
My hubby rarely reads my blog unless I haven't closed the window. He likes it, but then again I haven't said anything bad HA HA!
I totally dogged my DH on my blog. He deserved it!

It made me feel better and he got the public shame. Hopefully, he will remember my b-day next year.
He doesn't seem to mind. He loves to read my blog and pick on me after he gets home from work if I happened to mention him in a post. I think he likes the attention, really.
My husband refuses to read my blog. It's not "his thing" he says. I think he would just rather not know what I write about him, lol.
My husband has had his own professional blog for several years now. He got a kick out of me getting my own because when he spoke to me about his I really didn't express much interest in it. Now I am a blogging mad woman and he just laughs at me.
Mine doesn't know if I do and wouldn't let me if he did know! I mentioned the other day that I was going to post a picture of him playing in a huge box with my daughter and he said "You better not put that on there"... so as sensitive as he is, I know he wouldn't be happy with me posting anything about him, pictures or words! lol
My husband knows about my blog page. He thinks it is cute that I write about our girls. He does read it from time to time.


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