I'm going to share a story, since I'm still kind of surprised how it came about!
As you may or may not know - I sell Watkins and Partylite as a little "extra income while I'm on maternity leave" business. I mainly signed up for both as I love Watkins and enjoy getting a discount on the product and much of the same can be said about Partylite (I don't do shows - only order product!)
I love web design so I got started putting my stuff on a website (or two!) and this is where my idea started....
While at a farmer's market this summer, I met so many people who have their own home-based businesses but during the winter months it's pretty hard to find them because the markets are closed.
I created and built a quick page where they can advertise for free. I realized this would do two things: help small based businesses in our community gain more customers and exposure and 2: help everyone else find their products year round!
Many of these businesses make hand made quilts, baby blankets, fudge, preservatives etc....and how else do you find them when they are not out in public!
Now, I've created this site which is being added to almost hourly! I am glad I've been able to help in our community and bring people closer together! It's true, I am also working at expanding my Watkins team, but I really don't make any money from this free page, but it does help me feel more connected and I've found some very interesting businesses and "mommy groups" that I never knew about before!
So, for anyone here from Airdrie you can check out and send me your business. Anyone else interested in ideas or perhaps looking at joining or buying Waktins/Partylite - you can always check out: or go direct to
All the best,

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