Personally, I'm opting out of expressing any of my political beliefs, because I don't want to risk losing or offending any readers. The way I see it, 50% of the country disagrees with me, possibly passionately. I've already "un-followed" 5 people on Twitter because of political tweeting.

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I show my support for my canidate on my blog, but I don't rant and rave about it. I can get very passionate about the election but it's not the main focus of my life. I save my political discussions for comments on other people's blogs and comments on twitter. I'm new to blogging and don't really care if I offend anyone, I too old to worry about that. I'm kind of a take me as I am kind of gal and blog about all kinds of things in my life.
Although the closer the election comes the more vocal I'm likely to be. This IS an HISTORIC election and is worthy of people's options and comments. I take the right and freedom to express my options very seriously and am grateful to the women before me who fought so hard so I can do that. Fear of losing readers or risking offending someone seems a small thing against an election that will set the tone for American politics here and abroad and effect our daily lives for the next decade.
Not a whole political post, but I throw in snarky comments here and there I think.

And you BETTER not unfollow me:)
BFFs don't count. I will twitter-follow you into hell. :)

Brittany said:
Not a whole political post, but I throw in snarky comments here and there I think.

And you BETTER not unfollow me:)
I posted Hillary Clinton's cookie recipe but that's as political as I get on my blog! I do have an opinion on who should be president but I know it will start disagreements and that just doesn't fit in with the nature of my blog.
I don't get political for the same reasons as Sue PLUS... as smart as I like to think I am about these things...I'd feel a little out of my element blogging about it!
I don't, because 98% of the country disagrees with me & I'm just not up for defending my reasons against all comers on my blog. I blog for fun and I don't find politics fun.

I've almost unfollwed people on Twitter because of political tweets but not yet. Not because I disagree with them (I'd have no one left to follow if I did that) but because they just get so shrill about it.
The recent issues and discussions on twitter and other media sources have gotten me more involved in politics then past elections. I do not normally talk politics, religion or any of those more controversial topics on my blog or anywhere else, but I have recently started commenting and posting on the topics and issues I feel strongly towards.

I hope people are mature enough to either agree to disagree or at least not leave any 'rude' comments which would only discredit them and make them appear ignorant. I truly respect difference of opinions and would like to understand where people are coming from. Other than that I don't usually blog about politics or discuss politics openly unless it is with family and close friends.
I simply cannot resist. Especially during the silliest of seasons (i.e. right now).

I figure most people are bright enough to read at their own risk and will stop reading should they stumble upon a view they don't especially like--political or otherwise.

If readers are at odds with my view, irked by my words and are incapable of leaving the page, perhaps they weren't quite as bright as I assumed.
I leave politics out of my blog...I want Mom Spark to be a happy, calm place. =)
No politics on my blog, either. I do keep an anonymous blog where I can vent, but as a small business owner I just can't get political on my site or blogs.

I've unfollowed a few people on Twitter and unsubscribed to a few blogs that got too strident. I don't mind others discussing the elections or having strong opinions...but I don't need to get my blood pressure up, either. ;-)
I get political. I don't know how you can't be political. Your view of the world is part of who you are. You don't have to be ugly to someone, but it is funny to talk about lipstick and inflating your tires to save on gas money. I love hearing other people's views. I think it is a mark of maturity if you can disagree with someone and still value them as a person.

I try and avoid too much politics on my blog, but during elections, I will voice my opinion once or twice. I tend to twitter (brain fart) more politics than I post in my blog. Twitter is just your "out of the head" thoughts. Blog posts are much more polished and edited.

That's just my 2Cents. ;)
I'm being a wuss when it comes to blogging my feelings regarding this election. And I'm actually frustrated with myself. My blog is my space and I should say what I want to say. If someone doesn't agree with me, that's tough for them because it isn't their blog. But I'm still holding back.
I've visited others who are completely opposite in their views and that's my choice. I don't comment because I completely disagree with them and that would just lead to debate. But I still go back and check, it's good to see what's going on on the other side.


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