Personally, I'm opting out of expressing any of my political beliefs, because I don't want to risk losing or offending any readers. The way I see it, 50% of the country disagrees with me, possibly passionately. I've already "un-followed" 5 people on Twitter because of political tweeting.

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Hi Sue- I'm with you. I keep my political opinions off of my blog and out of my Tweets. I un-followed someone for over tweeting a very harsh opinion. I'm all for freedom of expression and differences in opinions - as long as it isn't rammed down your throat. And as for my blog, it's all about babies so politics really doesn't fit anyway.
I find myself ranting and raving more and more about politics on my blog. This election is so vital to me, and it directly impacts my kids so I am more passionate than ever before. I write about politics and parenting because sometimes they go hand in hand. In fact, my very first post in January 2008 was about politics. I have no unfollowed anyone on Twitter yet.
I stay away from politics per se, but I did post about Sarah Palin - only in terms of discussing the concept of can a woman "have it all"? But it turned kinda political/yucky and I am definitely staying away from that again. I have no problem stating my opinion, but I want people to get good chuckles and warm fuzzies at my blog - not be angry with me or another reader. . .had I known the post would go in that direction I wouldn't have posted it. I don't even think I ever mentioned whether I was democrat, republican or independent. . .
There was a time when I would welcome a political discussion/debate/all around knock-down drag-out fight. But I've mellowed. (8 years of George Bush will do that.) So I did blog about politics, Politics in the Home, but the point of the blog was that I was going to help my kids become well informed, not indoctrinate them with my ideas.
I haven't gotten political on my own blog, but the one day I felt strongly about politics I guest blogged somewhere about it to keep it OFF my blog, but to voice my opinion. It felt good!
I am not writing about politics, with one exception. I do want to link to the results of the Weekly Reader presidential poll (a poll of schoolchildren). It's one of the most accurate polls ever, and it relates fairly well to my blog subject (children's books). However, I will feel the need to try and be nice to supporters of both candidates, no matter who the kids end up picking!! I will not disclose who I support on my blog -- It's not relevant.

I don't. And my degree is in Political Science, so it's hard! LOL!

2 things that just don't make for pleasant conversation are politics and religion, although I am not ashamed of my choices in either. I just prefer to keep the political out of my blog. I don't have a problem discussing the election in general, I just won't be stumping for anyone on my blog.
as i was saying on another post, i try to steer away from it, at least in blogging because i know some people are very touchy on the subject, and i dont want it to change my view of my friends.
No I haven't talked about it, but I do have a link to my CafePress store with political designs on items, but I was smart and made designs for BOTH candidates (even though I can't stand one who shall remain nameless). LOL Fair is fair though and I didn't want to come across as favoring one.
No, my blog isn't a political blog so there is no reason for me to post my political views! Plus, I don't want to turn anyone off! :)
You know, I am posting political posts but I'm posting from both sides and try to remain impartial. I'm a democrat and I think that's fairly obvious in my posts, but I honestly haven't made my mind up with this election and have been inviting personal opinions. I have one post about the movement against Sarah Palin, another Political debate that started between a rep and dem and recently posted a comparison chart I made myself highlighting each candidates views. I try to remain as fair as possible and encourage readers to refrain from hostility, as political discussions often get heated.
I sometimes get political on my blog but try not to be a politically dominated blog. I enjoy political debates ordinarily and I don't usually get offended if someone disagrees with me.


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