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Personally, I'm opting out of expressing any of my political beliefs, because I don't want to risk losing or offending any readers. The way I see it, 50% of the country disagrees with me, possibly passionately. I've already "un-followed" 5 people on Twitter because of political tweeting.

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I won't be doing politics on my blog. Mainly because it's just not fun or funny. I am seriously stressing about this election ordeal in conjunction with the state our country is in, and my blog is about getting away from the stress and having fun!
I really don't get political in my blog. I have deep views about our government and the things that they do and have done. But these views I feel are better left for political forums and political blogs. I can get passionate about my views but I don't feel my blog is the place for it.
I do not post about my views, even though I feel strongly about what our country needs. I unfollowed a few on Twitter because some just get too carried away w/ their comments. I just understand name calling when someone doesn't share your political views. If friends ask I do share though.
I don't get into much, because I don't want to lose readers over an issue that will (hopefully) be dead in 4 or 5 weeks.
I've been posting a lot more about the economy lately, but I can't help getting "political" on my blog. If you can't talk about sex, religion, or politics, what else is there -- besides kids, weather and recipes? I can't cook and the weather is just, well, not terribly riveting. And yeah, I'm definitely into my kid but . . . he's just not that interesting to total strangers. While I generally don't state my own political views directly, I did post when I thought Palin out-performed expectations in her debate. Though admittedly, this one semi-pro-Palin post got zero comments. But what the hell. If I lose 5 of my miniscule 10 readers, I'll survive.
I did one political-related post, but mostly I prefer to keep it light-hearted and/or "on-topic" (that being my kids and autism-related issues). There is a forum I go to when I feel like talking politics, so I typically keep that off of my blog. :)
I don't include any politics on my blog as it doesn't follow what my blog is about... cooking and sharing recipes. It would really be out of place and change the feel of my blog. I think it just depends on the subject of your blog and if you want to share your thoughts, why not? People should be able to agree/disagree as adults and discuss issues w/o becoming offended.
I am passionate about the issues and politics as a whole. So yes, I would have to say that I can get political on my blog. However, the blog isn't really about politics... so... I try not to talk too much about it.
yes I do. I havnt posted anything about any particular candiate, butttt when you see me blog, theres really no doubt about who I'm backing with my one little vote. I think its more important that you vote, not necesarily who your backing!! I really love checking out peeps different button links for candidates too, some are funny!! I have one that I get comments on. Vote Vote Vote ;o)
Ohhhh, I just realized why I had the major drop in Twitters. Duh! And, in theory, I wanted to keep politics off of the blog, but I just couldn't hold back. If the blog is me, I feel far too passionate not to voice my thoughts. And it did start some interesting discussion, but I'm sure I lost a few readers. And a few friends too.
Hi. You can be political and pc by not necessarily blatantly being on any side or dissing on anyone. Simply stating bipartisan ideas etc, like what you hope the media is doing, is a good approach. Being informed of political topics is important.
In my blog writing, I don't say anything bad about any of the candidates. I opt to promote positive elements instead. thanks
Sort of. I have written about my support for a particular candidate, and have written one post reacting when I felt personally attacked by what a party said.

HOWEVER, when I post about politics, I don't do it in a threatening manner ( I don't think). I write about my view and why, but don't attack anyone. There are that do. For example, I wrote about a time when my daughter saw a political ad. One whose premise I disagreed with. And I wrote about the discussion that occurred between my daughter and me after. I also wrote about the slippery slope of pushing your own ideas onto your children (while not asking them to think for themselves.) Currently, I have an anti-hate political post called the Ties that Bind up on my blog. It was spurred by political events taken place, but is inclusive to all Americans.

So, writing politically, yes. But not in a way a that would offend or attack (at least I hope people find it that way).




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