Every now and then we all receive a comment that resonates with us in a special way. I once received a comment from the daughters of a photographer from the 1940s I admire and who I blogged about often. They told me their dad would have been honored that I shared his work with my readers.

What comment has been the most memorable to you?

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My first comment received of course! I was sooo happy...OMG someone actually read my blog?!
Hehe. Thats what I was going to respond with!

Natalie said:
My first comment received of course! I was sooo happy...OMG someone actually read my blog?!
Lol, me too! I was just so happy that someone out there actually noticed my little blog!
LOL! I totally agree.

Natalie said:
My first comment received of course! I was sooo happy...OMG someone actually read my blog?!
"You show me yours and I'll show you mine."

No, people, it's not what you think. I had posted (okay vented till my fingers bled) about the pathetic state of the inside of my minivan (Cheerios, little wads of Band-Aids, petrified French fries and whatnot). A delurker had left that comment in response. Too funny. Apparently, she, too, was fed up with traveling with kids and felt a bond of sorts would be formed if only we could compare and share our dirty little secret. ;-)
My dear friend Katrina, who I met on the MBC, left me a comment when I posted about her "Bags for Brent" and her husband who is battling cancer. Her comment made me a good way. I wished that Michigan was a lot closer to Arizona so I could go give her a big hug.
The other day when I was feeling down in the dumps, I posted on my personal blog how I was feeling. I received this post from a friend and it was so nice and inspirational:

"You are amazing regardless of what others around you are doing. I am amazed reading your blog both this one and Momspark at how talented you are. One day down and the rest to be amazing....I am a fan."

That last really got to me!
A few weeks ago I receive a comment from someone, anonymous of course, who threatened me and everyone in the state of Illinois for electing Barack Obama as our state Senator.
Since then I've eliminated anonymous comments and Obama has been elected President.
was actually today. I had a gentleman comment on my beautiful post that what i was doing worked but he wasn't about to try it (i was wearing a facial mask). It made me laugh.
I think mine was my first non-friend comment! I was amazed someone other than my friends were reading it.
one of my "regulars" called me a "hot Mama" after i put up a new pic...LOL!! hey, it was memorable! Thanks Kel!
Best comment ever, when my cousin left a comment. Time and space separated us. She use to babysit me:) One day she left a comment on my blog and she has a blog...the rest is history.
I use to have to ask mom how her family was doing, now my mom asks me!


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