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Importance of online study for a college student

Nowadays, the challenges facing traditional colleges and universities are budget cuts and course shortages. They end up making students search for alternatives. With the internet as the ultimate education resource, and students even getting…

Travelling Abroad With Kids: Our Guide To A Stress-Free Trip

When you are travelling with kids, it can be easy to get very stressed out. You have so many people to handle and travelling is already quite a stressful experience. Of course, families love to travel abroad and it is all worth it once you get to your hotel and are able to relax. As long as you handle the journey well,…



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I want to sign up for Mom Select but I'm stuck on the question - What is your estimated blog audience size? What stat would be the answer to that question, page views, subscribers, etc?


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I agree with Brittany. I would put monthly unique visitors..not daily. If you have the space, you could also add in your subscribers and pageviews if you like. It couldn't hurt;) They're super nice over there!
Thanks Brittany and Lori! I'm going to get on over there now and sign up. I'll try to fit in as many stats as I can.


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