I have recently discovered the world of memes. So, I am wondering, what are your favorite memes? Monday Meal Plan, Thursday Thirteen, and Wordless Wednesday are some I have found so far.


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I just started a new one for the Creative Moms among us called Monday's Muse. Come join in! And there is a group here too so we can all visit each other.
I started one called, Savory Sunday! I would love to have you join. Here is an example...
I started my own "A Thousand Words Thursday"

I also love Half-Past Kissin' Time's Friday Fragments where you post a random assortment of tidbits from the week. Too small for individual posts, but important nonetheless!

I LOVE Weekly Winners (Sarcastic Mom started this)...posting your best photos each week on Sundays.
I am starting a meme on Wednesdays... STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES. To know more about it, please visit my blog's post about it on STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES

See you on Wednesdays!
I have one at my blog- www.mamanotes.com called the Body After Baby Challenge. It's for all us mom's who are trying to lose weight and get back to our body after babies! We talk about our goals, progress, workouts, etc.. its great motivation and accountability!!


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