Okay, I admit in my everyday life I swear like a truck-driver. I know that because I worked in the world of trafficking and they really do swear--a lot. Even though my language is salty, I do not curse on my blog. I may do a "damn" or "hell" but never anything more than that. The Queen of the "F" word during the day is Miss Prim and Proper on the blog. And I find I really don't like reading it on others. Do you curse on your blog? Are you turned off by off-color language in the blogs you read?

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I don't make an effort not to curse, but I don't make it a point to curse. I'll read a blog that curses daily though...doesn't bother me!
Hardly bothers me to read on some blogs (the humorous ones I've read) but like what Alyssa said, I get out of there the moment I read every curse word in the dictionary in one sentence.
Although I'm a big fan of the "F" word, I'm unlikely to use it in my writing. If I'm wanting to type/write the "F" word, I need to go take a bath and come back later. That's just me...I've learned a little restraint of pen and tongue. :-)
I'm don't make it a practice to curse and I don't appreciate it in print. I've never even been comfortable hearing vulgarity proceed out of my own mouth, which is interesting considering that while growing up, both of my parents cursed without using the "f" word.

I realize that cursing can drive a point home... Nonetheless, I think it's far more creative to search our rich language for strong words that communicate without being offensive.

I don't curse on mine but I may use a little substitute words instead. - I don't care about it on others as long as it's not a long foul filled rant.
I've got 2 blogs. The way I think about it is one is suitable for my grandmother to read and the other isn't. So yeah, I throw the F-bomb around like crazy on the "bad Mommy" blog
i try not to curse outright either, maybe a 'heck' or 'dang' now and again though. I know that some people are turned off by it, so I steer away from it. But to each their own. If blogging is your creative, personal outlet and you wanna curse, go ahead, You shouldn't do anything to keep from losing readers if you look at it that way.


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