I have recently been trying to exercise by walking, but I feel like it is not getting me anywhere! As a matter of fact I have just blogged about the disappointment as I feel like I am getting nowhere and feel like giving up. Does anyone have advice on keeping motivated?

Michelle Naminga

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Do you listen to music while walking? I find that listening to upbeat music makes me walk faster, and I enjoy it more. If you're walking outside, try and vary your route so you don't get bored.
Most important, don't give up!
I sometimes listen to music, take the dog, change direction, (I walk around our property). Perhaps I am just stuck in a rut. I thought about joining a gym, but with me as a stay at home mom, there are budget issues. I have tried asking others to walk, but no one can seem to be able to walk at the same time. However, no matter what I have not given up! Thanks for the advice! Michelle
I joined the YMCA recently and found that having childcare (Y provided) and knowing I will be someplace with other people exercising really helps!
I've heard the Y is expensive, almost as much as a gym. Is that true? I would love to find somewhere I could swim.
Music is a big one for me. If the music isn't making jump, nothing will.
I have been in your shoes...(the lack of motivation, but I was also overweight and unhappy, which I am not sure is something you are experiencing right now.)
I had my son almost 2 years ago, and gained all of my weight post pregnancy. I went from 110lbs pre-pregnancy, to over 180lbs 6 mos post pregnancy!
I was trying to be as motivated as I could, but with the nursing schedule, the lack of sleep, and my husband working shift work, I felt destined to remain the way I was. Inside of me, I wanted to me motivated, and I tried, it just didn't seem to happen.
Finally, I suggested to my hibby an exersize program I could do from home, and we chose P90X. P90X is for people who are already in shpae though, so I netted no results, as you are using uyour body for resistance, and I could not support my own body weight. My husband then found me the sister program to that, POwer 90, which is more of a cardio/low impact video series, which I started, and began to see slight results.
I did start getting bored though.
One night, I just hooked up my dogs, and went for a run. My running career started while I was 150lbs, and I am now almost back to my prepregnancy weight!
I realized I LOVED running, it was free, and I could go whenever I wanted, even with the stroller.
I saw immesiate results with my running, tweeked my diet(which was already pretty good though),and the rest is history.
The fact I found something I loved, makes motivation a non-issue. It's something I look forward to, and WANT to do! The videos felt like they were a chore, and I dreaded them!
I know what you mean about the gym passes being expensive. I live in a very isolated norther Canadian town of 800 people, so I have few friends here, and the women I am friends with are not interested in my running passion.
To ensure my success with my running/jogging, I plan on doing the half marathon in June, which works out to be 13 miles! Setting a short or long term goal can help your motivation as well!
Music is great too, not sure what you're listening to, but when I run, I have to be listening to something high energy, hard, and pop music, or country for me! I tend to listen to Bad Religion, or sort of more punk related music, as the tempos are fairly constant, and help me keep pace. The type of music you are listening to while you work out doe indeed affect your energy/motivations!(Mens Health has a great article about this exact thing)!
Wow, The fact you've never given up is more than I can say for myself. I went through months of non movement, slight depression, fatigue...Since my inception of my new fitness routine, I have a new energy! I can keep up with my son, I am able to maintain my household, my social life(or lack there of here) and my running. I don't know if anything I said helps, but realize you don't need anyone else but you to succeed! having a walking partner may help, which is why a program like Weight Watchers is a great outlet for group support, and they are reasonable in their fees. Once you hit your goal weight with them, you are a life member, and you no longer are obligated to pay!
I now use the gym where I live, as the winters here get down to the -60's,so that is too cold to run outside anymore.
If a gym membership is not an option, maybe a used treadmill(assuming your preference of working out seems to be walking?) videos, online support groups(, and just having someone to talk to about your issues can motivate you too! Diet is another big factor, eating the wrong foods that don't really feed your body don't do anything for you either!
I've come a long way this past year, and had to retrain my body to eat, sleep, and live! But they are lifestyle changes that are crucial to me maintaining what I have accomplished thus far! It was a long bumpy road because everyone wants immediate results from their routines, which is why I think so many people get discouraged!
Keep on giving it all you've got, until you find something you love to do physically! Once you find your niche, I am sure things will fall into place, and you won't have motivation issues any longer! Good luck!!
I picture myself the way that I want to look compared to how I view myself now.

And I have a couple of tank tops and Victoria Secret bottoms that I bought in a smaller size so I could lose a few pounds and fit into them.
perhaps you can do different exercises depending on your mood. although i try to exercise only three times a week, i find myself doing something differently. one day, walking. next day, yoga at home. the following day, what-else. that way i dont get tired doing the same thing all over again. LOL


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