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I'd love to make some money with my blog.

Right now I have a few affiliate buttons and then I have buttons from friends or past giveaway sponsors.

Do you sell advertising on your blog?

I want to support my fellow bloggers and fellow mompreneurs so I've just been putting their buttons up. But I was thinking I need to streamline things or it'll get out of hand and I will enver make money (and my site will look cluttered).

So I was thinking, for those that sponsor a giveaway, I'd put their button up for free for a month.

Then I will have a paid section. And for blogs that I love, like friends etc, I will just have a text line link.

How do you organize buttons/advertising on your blog? MAHALO!
Ohana Mama Blog

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Hey Ohama..
The only thing that'll help u make sum money is traffic.. u'll have to make sure that u have atleast 50-60 visitors per day (minimum).. aI think u could go for adsense.. place the adsense code on ur blog and the more the clicks from different IP addresses the more u get from google.. I used to earn $35-40 per month coz of google adsense (traffic was sumthin around 40-50 per day)
If u dont mind spending a little - u cud buy a small button on it'll give u adspace for 3 years for as low as $15.
I'd suggest go for both - blogertize wud help with traffic and adsense would help u make sum money when this traffic clicks on adsense.
@ Ohana - I like ur idea.. it could be implemented but as of now I don't have that many visitors so before I have enough traffic I'll have to give these buttons for free

@ telma.. even I have already reserved a button on
I purchased a $40 button - given the fact that its a one time charge for a 3 year period - shdn't make much of a difference
And u're right about adsense- It will definitely help u make some money if u have constant traffic flowing in.. as of now I have around 20-25 unique vistors perday. Hoping that once blogertize launches I'll have some more comin in..
Hey looks like quite a few mommy bloggers are looking for sum ad revenue via their blogs..
Nice thread started by Ohana I'd say
Right now I have on average 150 visits- some days more some days less.
Hey ohana.. thats actually nice.. by 150 visitors.. i hope u mean visitors with different IP addresses.. If yes, then I'm surprised, u don't use the services of google adsense... will help u make some money darling..
Yup, I meant Absolute Unique Visitors.

I had google analytics adsense on my site before. Guess I should put it back on. Where do you all place yours to get clicks?

Hey Ohana.. analytics will just give u the no:of unique visits per day.. just place it above the body (bottom) of the page..
also download the adsense code and place it onto ur blog - its free and will u make sum revenue. with 150 visits.. ur monthly revenue will be decent I guess
Oops, still early here so i am not awake yet...I do have GA already but I guess i should put ADSENSE back on. Where do you have your adsense placed to get a good amount of clicks? i don't want it to interfere with the rest of the content but do want clicks ;)
Hey ohana..
I think u've got 2 options - either at the bottom of the page or maybe left or right side of the page... I suggest u go for the latter coz there is no guarantee that the visitor wud go till the end of the page..
Also if u don't mind spending another $10 for a 3 year adspace, Bindu has started a thread called "Lets make some money mommies"... just join it as of now there are 4 mommies, and require 8 more to avail a 33% discount on the adspace..


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