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Either calling them nameless or plain out loud naming who they are...

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I have. I wait a week or so and change the details/setting and don't name them specifically. Everyone assumes someone from some other sphere of my life is annoying me.
I haven't yet.

I probably never will because I'm allergic to conflict, even if it's anonymous.
No, normally in my real life I don't talk about people so I won't do it on my blog either. It's just not my nature. I am like Andrea I think I'm allergic to conflict.
No...but I probably would blog about an awful experience concerning a company or product...
Ususally no. I might mention an incedent that was offensive (and change details, names, etc) if its in context to the topic but I've found that too much negativity or snarkiness is not good for my blogging karma, you know? Its just not always that constructive - IMHO. I'll never say I wouldn't ever do it but will avoid it if I can. Anyway, too many ppl I know read my blog so, even if I reeeeally wanted to (shoot I have SO much to say about my mother!) - I couldn't without getting myself into trouble! :)
Maybe, lol! I'm so happy for you Maricris! And thanks for helping me find MBC through a link on your blog a while back :)
I would, if I had already made it clear to that person that I didn't like them or I was unhappy with their behaviour. I try not to talk behind someone's back in real life, so I wouldn't do it in a blog either.
Well, I've never gone off on someone on my blog. I try to keep things light and fun. Complaining about a rude receptionist or a slow waiter is one thing but I just don't think my readers would find my personal tiffs interesting.
nope. but then again, my blog is all about stuff i like.
No I haven't yet and probably wouldn't it, but offline you better believe I will gripe!
No - not yet. I think you have to really be careful with that sort of thing. If I have an issue with someone, I'd much rather confront them face to face than in my blog.
Yes, I wouldn't use a name, but I will vent and give extreme details! LOL!
hey, gotta get it out of your system one way or another, why not blog it out!
Good question


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