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i haven't been a member here for all that long so if this has been a Discussion already, sorry...

Replying to comments confuses me so i'm looking for some insight here. When you get a comment why do you NOT reply? i don't reply to all the comments in my discussions on here because it's not my blog...however i always reply to my comments over at my blogspot! But I feel like I am the minority anymore. I can see if you are getting 50 comments in one day...but if you are only getting a few here and there...why don't you acknowledge them? I'm not mad at those who don't reply to my comments by any means...i'm just trying to see why is it that people don't seem to converse much on their blogs.

IMO you will keep your readers happy if you thank them for stoppin by (at least)... is there a fine line between blogging and chatting that i don't know about??

I kinda have unsaid "rules" in my head...if i continually go to a blog and leave comments on every post and don't feel love from the writer, I start to feel stupid. When I feel like I'm just leaving comments that are nothing but a boost in the "analytics" I stop commenting. I'm not asking for you to be my best blogging buddy, i'm just saying acknowledging your commenters DOES make a difference. After all, how else are you going to get to know some of us better?

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You know, even before I had my own blog and I just read and commented on other people's blogs, I never expected to get a response. It never even occurred to me that the blog owner would respond. And ... once I left a comment, I never went back and continued reading the comments so I never would have known if the blogger had responded at all.

I just carried that onto my own blog. I love to get comments ... LOVE IT ... but I've never responded or posted my own comments in response to them because it never occurred to me to do so.

There were a couple of times when I emailed a commenter in response to their comment and you know ... I don't know if it weirded them out (I was simply saying "thank you" or something benign like that) but I don't think those commenters ever commented again! I have no idea if that was just a coincidence or not.

Anyway, I've never thought that I was being rude by not posting a response to a comment. I comment A LOT on tons of blogs and I don't expect to get anything from it ... I just liked the post enough to comment.
I try to respond to comments if there is a question in the comment. However, I generally agree with Andrea. I don't post on blogs expecting a comment in return if nothing on my blog generates a response from that person.

Sometimes I don't comment back because I honestly have nothing to say about the person's post. However, I'll always look at the blogs of people who comment, and if something catches my attention I will comment.

I personally never considered not returning a comment to be rude. But that's just me... and that could be why I don't have a bunch of comments on my blog!
If a person comments on my blog I just about always return the favor. It is time consuming but it gives me a handle on my readers and many times they become regulars. I have also started emailing when I have an email addy especially if I have been to their blog in the past. Because I get a lot of people that comment it is not going to be feasible for me to visit everyone for much longer. But I will do a personal email - I don't like those auto-reply emails. That is very impersonal especially if you have only a couple of comments. I would rather nothing at all.
thanks girls...i appreciate the feedback and will take note. I am just curious becuase i belonged to a blog a few years back and everyone always replied or even had discussions and almost "chatted" on each others when i started on blogger i was kinda in shock on how different it is. Not that it's a bad thing, just different from what i thought was normal based on the other blogsite I was involved with. It just seemed more personal and it was nice.
I like to respond via email as much as I can, and definitely for new readers. It does build community and conversation and that is the whole purpose of my blog. You make a very valid point!
I reply to commenters' blogs rather than respond in my own comments. I guess because when I comment on other people's blogs I don't normally check back on to see if anyone has responded to my comment or others. If someone has a question I do respond but even then it might be in email rather than on the blog. This might also be because I know many of my readers from other forums and chat with them there. I always wonder if anyone is checking back to see my response if I respond in the comments.
I try to visit the blog and leave a comment for everyone who leaves a comment for me. Every now and then I probably miss someone, but I try. Everyone needs validation. Well, not everyone, but most people appreciate a comment back. It's nice to know someone is reading what you've written, and it doesn't take long to leave a comment.


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