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Ever had a friend get upset about a post that included them?

I keep very private about my blogging and don't really include friends in posts. In fact my RL friends don't know I blog for the most part. It's the shyness in me. I'm thinking of coming clean and maybe talking about some of the fun I have with them. I want to ask them about including them, but not sure how they will take it. I hope well! names, black out the faces...whatever! I'd love to get them into blogging.

Have you ever had any problems?

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Not yet, and I hope not to offend anyone, especially friends!
I don't typically blog about people in my life unless it's positive...same goes for coworkers etc. That's just me though. So I hope nobody gets their knickers in a twist!
No, I get my friends asking if they are the ones I am anonymously ranting about!
Y'all are making me feel better about coming out of my cocoon. If I could get my friends blogging it would be so facebook with a scrapbooky header.
My friends don't mind if I put their kids on my blog but they don't want pics of them on my blog. They are funny when I take pics they tell me to crop them out. One of my friends husbands said he wanted to be on my blog some day, funny!
I only mention those who know I blog, and most of them also blog as well. I haven't had any problems with it so far.
I haven't offended anyone yet, but I haven't shared anything really crazy!
I don't blog about my RL friends and like you most of mine don't know much about my blog.


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