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Is it inappropriate to link w/o obtaining permission first?

I am guessing no, that people are OK with people linking to their blog posts and appreciate the link/traffic, but I'm not sure if I should write each blogger and ask permission first.

I see round-ups on topics and people who post links to favorite posts on other blogs, etc. etc. I am interested in sharing some favorite links and links to added information on certain topics, etc.

It could be quite a few links I want to share -- do I need to obtain permission in advance?

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Nope, links are blogging gold:)

We love links! So link away. Besides, any blogger who uses technorati or any other stats website can see your links to them anyways:)
I agree with Brittany, I think most people would appreciate the chance to share the love!! No permission needed (from me at least!)
Sometimes if I link to someone I'll just drop them a line to say - hey, I linked to you... hope you don't mind! It's a nice way to get a dialogue going with a fellow blogger.
Yup, agree. They would love if you link with them...feel free to link with me;) LOL
I don't think it's inappropriate so link away, without permission!
As long as its positive publicity I'm sure no one would mind!
I for one LOVE a good linking! :-D
link away, you don't need to ask for permission. I will say though if you post about the person's blog let them know only because it will make them feel good. I have customers do these great posts about my jewelry and they don't tell me, I like to thank them.

Well, I would think it's not inappropriate, I guess it would depend on the context, but I generally agree that it's not a problem... I have a series of blogs that I particularly like, and I have listed them on mine, but I also asked the blog owner if it was ok to do so. I got the green light from all of them :)
I always thought it was a compliment. I love it when people find something interesting about my blog and link to it. Link away!
Unless you run a donkey porn site I can't think of any reason anyone wouldn't be thrilled with your link love.
No permission needed. Go forth and link!


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