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Ok, I am new to blogging and I have a question. I am on blogger. Can someone please tell me how to make a hyperlink.. or whatever you call it?? I want to be able to link to another site, but be able to label it... does that make any sense at all? Ok here's an example.. say I want to link to a friends ok? but i want the link to say "here is my friends blog" and when the reader clicks on that it takes them to

I have no clue if this makes any sense or not. But I know I have seen it on other peoples blogs.
can you help a newbie? please?

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Oh, don't feel like an idiot--I just mastered recently. Go to "help" on the google blogspot home page. They give really good directions for idiots like you and me. That's where I learned it. "Help" is your friend--embrace it! Good luck!
Just type "Here is my friend's blog" highlight it, then click on the link button. Hope that helps!
really? that's it? I'm gonna go try it now! thanks!
wow... that was crazy easy! thanks!
Yay! Glad you were able to get help. One quick comment... I went to read your blog and cannot as you have black text on a very dark background. If you change your font (text) color to something light, like white, your blog would be oh-so-easy-to read and I'd love to comment on it.
oooo... good idea... I was wondering about that.. cool.. going to change it now.
write out the link, or the name of the link (but be sure you have highlighted and clicked and copied on the link url.) highlight, click and copy, then click on the infinity looking button on the toolbar right above the text box your typing in. paste and click ok, then it should be good to go!
No problem!

girlintheglasses said:
really? that's it? I'm gonna go try it now! thanks!
Ok, after you type your message, highlight the word(s) you want to click to hyperlink.

click on the little link icon above. Number 8 on it's side. It's next to the "picture" incon.

A box will open that you can paste your website address into. click OK.

It takes time. I am pretty proud of myself regarding the stuff i have figured out on my own..
I'm glad you got help, but what I wanted to say was this. You wouldn't let your kids call themselves idiots - so don't you do it either. Please don't insult yourself :)


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