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I have found myself swirling deeper into a non-productive blogging mode- I am networking but at the end of the day my stats slowly are dipping down, down , down. I really feel I am not being productive.
One issue I have is I get invited to all these Ning sites there is one for everything.
Does anyone keep a schedule? How do you "dump" certain sites other friends are on- but you really can't keep up with? How are you keep productive?

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I have a Social Network Log available to members at ListPlanIt.com. I created it for just this reason: a member told me she was having a hard time knowing which s.n. she was spending most of her time or which ones she had visited last. It is hard to keep track and harder still to not get sucked into the vortex of endless discussions. Try making a goal or setting a time limit and writing down your time at each one you visit.
I've just hit this wall too. Spending lots of time networking - not enough time blogging! I've chosen my fav networks to stay active in (MBC and a parenting forum that I've been in for two years) and then I try to meet up with everyone else via twitter. And I use Google Reader to follow blog rss feeds. That saves a lot of time but I can still go through to comment when something tickles my comment fancy. I've found that twitter really helps to consolidate things!

It is hard to focus though, there are so many great sites out there and when I get almost an invite a day, it's tempting to go check them all out.

I've also tried to keep a sort of schedule and do all my 'required' blogging like giveaway posts etc on the weekends so I can blog my own content during the week.

good luck in streamlining your activities - it's a hard but necessary thing to do!


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