How many of you feel it's ok to post with some foul language? I suppose it depends on your blog, and your style. I tend to have a foul mouth with some friends, but not at other times. So, I tend to blog mostly G rated, but sometimes I deserve the R rating.

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I see alot of foul language on twitter, sometimes its bothersome.
I will occasionally use a curse word here or there, but only if it fits in with my blog post and my curse words aren't the really bad ones - kwim?

I don't mind profanity on a blog, but if it's just there for the sake of having it there ... for shock value ... I get tired of that really fast and won't visit again.
Great question! I try to avoid it or use the light stuff. I really don't want to offend people but sometimes it just works. For example, my latest blog post is called "Lifestyles of the Bit** and Famous." I couldn't do it any other way.
I was thinking of several blogs I know that routinely use profanity, and it seems sometimes its just there to get more people talking and reading about it. I'm not usually a potty-mouth, but sometimes there's just no substitute!


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