I've got three kids, my oldest being 4, and I struggle with finding time to write. So I tried to create a schedule. My oldest goes to preschool at 9, I clean up the house until 10, write from 10-11 (keeping the TV on for the other two kids), play with the kids from 11 until I pick up my son from preschool at 12. Problem is that the schedule almost never works out for a number of different reasons. And if it does work out that I'm ready at 10 to write, I get a huge case of writer's block! So then I try to write after the kids are in bed - I've got my wine, I'm more relaxed. But I'm only successful a few nights of the week.

So my question to you moms is, when do you find time to write? Thanks! =)

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I'm extremely busy so I write from 5:00am until 8:00am. Then from 1:00pm - 3:00pm. And finally from 10:00pm - 2:00am.

It's all scheduled so that it doesn't interfere with my family time! Do I sleep? Nope, not much.
when the kids are in bed. When they miraculously fall asleep in the car (I carry a notebook, many notebooks), whenever I can spare 15 minutes. Literally. Did you know you can write 100 words in 15 minutes? Well that is, if you think about what you will write in that time.

It works. Sometimes. But don't pressure yourself. Otherwise... well, you won't be able to write. Just do what you can. Being a mother his hard enough! ;-) Happy Writing!
I tackled exactly this question in a recent post on my blog: When does a busy mom write?

As a homeschooling mother of five and a novelist with tight deadlines, I've had to learn how to manage my time creatively. My husband is my biggest fan, so he's great about working with me to find writing time. He has a long commute and gets home after 7pm, but he puts the kids to bed by himself so that I can get a few hours of work in each night. I write until 9pm or so, and then I join my hubby for some couch time. :) And Saturdays are a big workday for me.
I try to write every night when the kids go to bed, this is getting harder as they get older and stay up later :). Saturday's are a big work day for me. I actually leave the house and take the laptop to the library or Panera bread (love the frontega chicken sandwich) and spend a few hours working.

It's not ideal but it's what I can do now.
Late at night usually works best for me. I have the peace and quiet to concentrate, an d find the "ideas" flow better.
The one thing that has been a big help for me is that I use Draftblogger to schedule my posts. All throughout the day I have my notebook with me so that whenever I think of something to write about I jott it down. When I get some free time I start a draft blog and when it's done I schedule it to post. Right now I have 3 blogs that are scheduled to post for later dates that I don't have to do anything more with. When that day arrives Draftblogger takes care of the posting for me.

If you blog on blogspot and haven't tried this feature, you can check it out here: Draftblogger!
Now that I'm being paid to write (freelance magazine articles), the first splurge I made was hiring help to clean my house. They only come every other week, but it helps. I also have two in school and a preschooler who is gone two mornings a week, so I write like mad while she's at school. On Friday, I usually have the neighbor child over to play so I can get some writing done. And then when my husband is out of town, I stay up late and write. And, I rarely watch television. That helps. Plus, I keep a notebook in the van for writing chapters for my novel. I make the most of every minute.
I don't watch TV either. Plus I wish I could hire help for the housework, its my most dreaded task. If I don't write in the mornings it doesn't get done. I'm a morning person, so at night my brain shuts off.
I personally am a ghostwriter for income, so I MUST find time to write for my clients. My son too goes to preschool for 3 more weeks, then summer, and I write while he is gone. I too am on a schedule and I MUST stick to it if I'm going to get paid. I write from 9 am - 10:30 am. As for writing for my personal blogs I have to do that at some other time. In the afternoons, at night, whenever I get a chance.
Ghostwriting! A career move I contemplated at one time. Tell me... do you ghostwrite nonfiction? Autobiographies? Give us a clue... there are days I'd love to get into it!
My mind is always working on overdrive, so I also write things down or save articles online to look over at a later date....I usually do my writing in the early morning hours or late in the evening...I also have many children (5) so my time is very limited, but seem to always find time to write:) Never realized I loved to write this much....I love to read and really don't watch much tv so time is found at the strangest times:)


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