OK, I don't have time to go through each member's profile, so I'm going with the easy way. Respond to this discussion with your blog URL and the name. Can you also include:

* Why you chose that topic to blog about
* How many posts you write a week
* Do you get visitors to your blog (besides family and friends)
* Any other info you wish to share about your blog

Thanks! - Deb

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My blog is I am a Christian Bible teacher, Speak, and Author of Bible studies for Moms. I teach nearly 300 moms every week, instructing and encouraging them in the fine art of Christian mothering. I am married to my childhood sweetheart-35 years and still going strong. We have raised and released and 2 great men into the adult world and they are married and daddys themselves. I invest my time urging mommas to press on and raise the next generation for the Lord Jesus Christ.

I blog on topics that will help mommas keep on keeping on. For a healthy dose of encouragement, laced with sanctified humor and tons of personal and practical admonitions, stop by for a visit.

I post every other day.

Many of the moms who attend my Bible study or do it in their church or small group via my DVDs follow my blog.

For further information about my Bible studies or speaking ministry visit I am also on facebook and would love to have you as a friend. Or track me via Twitter! Blessings.
You can visit my parenting blog here.

* Why you chose that topic to blog about: I chose parenting to blog about when I became a new mom I was looking for things to do to pass the time while baby napped. I also started a parenting resource site to keep from getting bored and to keep my brain thinking outside the classroom environment where I used to teach.
* How many posts you write a week: I try to submit at least once a week, but hope to start submitting at least 3x/week
* Do you get visitors to your blog (besides family and friends) The only people who visit my blog are visitors, my family and friends don't really read blogs
* Any other info you wish to share about your blog
I offer parenting tips, articles, advice, along with child development tips, articles, advice, shopping, recalls, reviews and giveaways for families from an elementary teacher and mom perspective. Thanks for stopping by!
My blog is , tenatively named "The Wide World of... All Things Cute and Cuddly" though I'll probably give the name a change when I decide on a domain name. The URL is:

My blog is dedicated to cute, high quality products, services, websites, etc. that might be of interest to parents, grandparents, someone looking for a gift for children, or just anyone who likes cute stuff! I hope to feature items that are a little less known or mainstream.

I just started the blog this week and I'm trying to do at least 3 posts a day to get it started. If anyone has any feedback suggestions, I welcome any comments! Thanks everyone, I'm so happy to be a new member of this community! :)
Hi moms! I blog at A Little Bliss several times a week.

My site shares fun stuff for moms via product reviews, giveaways and shopping deals. I chose this niche because I love to find out about the latest products and I knew other moms would feel the same way too!

I am a newbie but beginning to reach a wider readership. I'm so excited to see where my blog will go in 2009!

Nice to 'meet' all of you! Keep up the great blogging!

My name is Dee.

My blog is called Just Keeping Tabs
and its at

I'm a mom who homeschools' her son, a wife, and a lawyer - in hiatus now.

I like to keep tabs about being a mom, a homeschool mom, daily life, current events, health, finance. That's basically what I'll be blogging about. But since I'm fairly new to blogging, I may add some topics along the way.

I look forward to meeting all the moms here.
My blog is

I write about my daily balancing of being a full time mom of two ( 4yrs old and 4 days old at the time of this writing), about being a wife and a full time career woman. I also try to talk about things that may help other mom bloggers avoid some of the mistakes that I've made or try to help give them resources for their life.

I post daily and sometimes more than once a day. I'm still new to bloggin and am just building my network but will hopefully be connecting with lots more.
My name is Kim. My blog is My blog is about cool stuff like websites, products and crafts for moms, babies and small children. I chose this because I really like finding out about new stuff and I always felt like I was in the dark about stuff because I just didnt care to look. It is always nice to come up with new ideas for gifts that are unique. I am also trying to encourage the moms that stop by my blog to share their must have cool finds with me so that I can post them on my blog. So far I have only gotten a few responses. My original goal was to post everyday but sometimes I am too tired and there is just not enough time in the day to juggle that between my Hubby and three kids. Usually I end up posting about three to five times a week. I end up getting about 3-5 new visitors a day to my blog from around the country and sometimes around the world. My main goal is to encourage interaction from my readers so that is what I am trying to inspire most.

Thanks for letting me share!

WOMANHOOD and MOTHERHOOD is why I have chosen this blog site to work from.
I am fairly new to blogging and one week new to this site.
Mother, pastor's wife, daughter, sister, child of God along with nurse, teacher, professional shopper, house cleaner, window washer, gardner, artist, writer .....are other names for myself. am sure you can identifyf!
As I proceed through days, weeks, and months, I hope to share my life along with my trials throughout life and how I got through them all.
I desire and try to blog several times week. It is an inspiring thing to do not just for myself but hopefully for each of you that connects wjith me.
I am a homeschooling mom, a pastor's wife, a child of God and hopefully a friend to you. Homeschooling my childre has blessed me with three graduates and two children to go. My oldest son attended the Air Force Academy in Colorado. My second son is in a pre-seminary program and my third son is studying investing and real estate. If you have questions about motherhood, or schooling the children, please ask. I love to talk and write. There is much wisdom out here in cyberspace, and I have nuggets to share.
Computer illiterate I am and hopefully for not long. I have seen some absolutely beautiful websites that I stare at and wonder "How did they do that?" I am a graphic artist and illustrator, but from the 1970's when everything was hand-done so this computer stuff is so new. Please do not base my blog on it's boredom but on our penpal sort of relationship. I have had only one or two comments on my blog. If you can send input, it would be greatly accepted.
Thank you,
My blog is and it's called The Copper Brick Road - Our Path to Penny Pinching. I started this blog because I have an obsession with saving money. I figured it would be a great idea to share my time and money saving ideas with other mommies so they may thrive as well. I blog almost everyday and I am proud of how it has blossomed in a very short time. If you like saving money, you really should subscribe to this blog!
My blog is basically my outlet to share the medical struggles we have had with our now 5-month-old daughter. If we get the diagnosis that the doctor thinks she has, then I'm going to use my blog for networking and to create awareness for this debiliating terminal disease that would take her away from us in just a few years if she does have it. I keep thinking that the more people I reach out to that maybe someone who comes across her story may know someone who could help or if they shared her story, they might find someone who can help.

I guess, basically, my blog is a fight for my daughter's life.

I write about 5 to 10 posts a week depending onwhat is going on.
My blog is *Life is Sweet*

I blog about family (I'm a mom of 5 kids), photography, and food (with a few other things mixed in) Why? Because that's what my life is about!

I write at least once a day--often more than once a day

I have been getting a lot more non-friend and family traffic lately, which I love (and am trying to increase). At this point, I've got an estimated 50+ non-friend traffic a day

I recently made a recipe blog so that I could keep he recipes posted on my main blog more organized (
I have 4 blogs that I write for. The first 2 are my blogs and the 2nd 2 are ContentQuake blogs. is the address for my personal blog called Our Journey. This is my personal blog. It is filled with a fun mix of musings on faith, family, marriage, homeschooling, parenting, ministry and everything else life brings. is the address for my reviews/advice blog called MomMaven. Mom Maven reviews products and services geared to families. Mom Maven links to other great family sites. Mom Maven shares ideas and information to help you be the best mom you can be. is the address for my other "mommy" blog called Mommy Babble. Most of what I write here are series articles. I have written series on keeping Christ in Christmas for your kids, New Years resolutions for parents, families, teens and children, chores. I also have an ongoing blog experiment on recipes for picky eaters. is the address for my High School Musical blog. Here I share new and information about High School Musical and its stars.


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