OK, I don't have time to go through each member's profile, so I'm going with the easy way. Respond to this discussion with your blog URL and the name. Can you also include:

* Why you chose that topic to blog about
* How many posts you write a week
* Do you get visitors to your blog (besides family and friends)
* Any other info you wish to share about your blog

Thanks! - Deb

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Hi! My name is Sommer and my blog is but I'm moving over to wordpress and it will be I was mentioned in the New York Times! I post 5-7 weekly and my visitor range from 150 to 500 daily. Join my group:
Hope I have half your visitors one day! Let us know when you move! I am a follower now... :) Love the style of your webpage... I will lurk around to get to know it! :D
Thanks to my friend Jen for inviting me to Mom Bloggers!
I'm a newbie blogger -- I've read a few others for years now, and was always intrigued, but it was my friend's blog that sent me over the edge to try it. I have yet to really find a central focus of any kind, but if something pops into my head, I'll write about it. I need to do more of it, but free time is so hard to find!
I'd like to get visitors...don't really know if I have yet! :)

Glad to be here -- Merrie
Hello Merrie! :)
I really love to blog. Mine is "It's a woman's world!" at Before I started this one I had another one that focused on only one subject and I didn't have many regular readers so I thought about what encompasses me... what is going on with me? So, what I can up with is everything that's going on in my world: The woman's world. That means book, site and product reviews, funny things happening in my life and with my four children, the 20-load laundry week and so much more. I try to do a minimum of five posts a week and it's often much more. Besides a few friends (no family that I know of visits), I have virtual friends and readers from Canada, Malaysia, Georgia, the UK, Texas, Maryland, New York and a few other places. My regular readers have been great and have turned out to be wonderful virtual friends!
Petula, you're bookmarked! I really like your blog - lots to catch up on. =)
Hi Deb --

I chose to write about wine after I got a job at a wine shop and learned how enormous the subject is -- it will repay a lifetime of learning and enjoyment, as sappy as that sounds. I post about once or twice a week, and have always used the terrific blog Orangette as my model. As for visitors, I don't know. My friends and family have looked, and now I am getting a little traffic from the Mom Bloggers Club, but my subscriber count has never gone above a whopping 8, at least according to feedburner. They are forever telling me I have 0 visitors and 0 views, but 1 or 2 clicks per item -- how does that compute? (I assume it's the aggregators trawling the blog for updates.)

The main thing I like about blogging is that it makes me productive and it's fun. No editor would ever have said Yes to a query about a newbie writing a book on what she learns about wine as she goes along. Blogging, I simply get the work done anyway. No money for it, but there's no money in not writing, either.
BurkinaMom's Life in Africa
Burkina Faso isn't a very well-known country. Growing up in Nebraska, I certainly NEVER thought I'd end up living there! But here I am in Ouagadougou with my husband and four lively kids. Blogging has been a great way for me to de-stress and to keep in touch with famlily and friends.

The other great thing about the blog is all the people I've met because of it. My counter shows that I've had visitors from over 93 countries! That's certainly not all family and friends! And even better are all the comments and e-mails from folks asking for advice about coming to Burkina, or just saying that they think my blog is pretty funny/informative/unique. It's really motivating!

I blog about six times per week now. Back in 2006, I was only blogging about once a week, if that. But as my blog got more "popular", I got inspired to write much more.

Anyway, I hope you'll all come and check out what expat family life is really like in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Wow, love your blog! Very interesting and informative, I love reading about the lives of expats.
Hi my blog is Magchats at

I chat mostly about my daughter. They are humorous postings as an outlet for me to write, and to share what I believe to be stories that other moms can relate to and enjoy, I have several posts right now after only a week on my blog. I expect to blog 2-5 times a week. At this point I only have friends and family reading my blog, but I would like to expand...perhaps through the mombloggers club and word of mouth.

My background is in theatre: acting/singing/comedy improv...and I love to write. Maybe on down the road I can put a book together of my best blogs.

If anyone has suggestions for increasing the amount of visitors for a blog...Please let me know. Can't wait to drop in on your blogs, too.

My name is Jill and my blog is
I write informational articles for parents and daycare providers. I also include some articles of interest. Right now, I only have enough time to write 3 days per week. But, I do hope to increase that. I get random traffic and recieve a lot of positive feedback.
Hi, I'm from India and my blog is whynotblogitout

I blog about books, women, current events, bringing up my two daughters, daily life in Mumbai (where I live) and my life as a working mom. I'm planning another more specific blog on memories of growing up.

I am a weekend blogger but somehow manage 2/3 posts a week.

My friends and family read my blog regularly and I have infrequent visitors.

I am new to blogging and do not really know how to upload photos. I tried to, but messed it up somehow.

I visit as many blogs as I can when I sit down to post, some regular faves, some new ones.

Thanks for this discusssion as it gave me a lot of new blogs to visit.


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