OK, I don't have time to go through each member's profile, so I'm going with the easy way. Respond to this discussion with your blog URL and the name. Can you also include:

* Why you chose that topic to blog about
* How many posts you write a week
* Do you get visitors to your blog (besides family and friends)
* Any other info you wish to share about your blog

Thanks! - Deb

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My blog is called Mom in the morning & my url is I'm a longtime closet writer and started the blog to help find myself (and my inner humor again)... I don't blog as often as I'd like, but I am going to blog at least once a week from now on... My blog is really just a bit of a ramble about the crazy, funny & strange things that seem to be part of everyday "Mom-ness"... I also have a book list for kids & one for mamas on there...but I need to add to it...I'm a huge reader and so are both of my kids (ages 11 & 7) and we love to share our (bossy) book opinions & suggestions with everyone...Who reads my blog? I'm not sure...some husband (because I make him...) mom...because she's my mom...maybe you?...;)
My name is Alyssa. My mom / personal blog is called Life from my Laptop. I came up with that from the fact that I spend a lot of time online and using my laptop and I'm sharing my stories and fun with everyone through my laptop.

I try to post 5 out of 7 days per week.

Most of the visitors I get to my site are people I met online but don't know in person. I enjoy the mom blogging community as well as the WAHM community, which I am a part of, so those are the people who visit me the most. Most people I know here locally, my family and friends don't know anything about my "blog".

I also blog on my ministry sites, Beauty by Design Ministries, Organized Life by Design and Mom-Daughter Connection.
Hi, my Blog is A Journey of Grace and Whimsy. It's at I write about gardening, motherhood, herbs, aromatherapy, my kids, rural life, trying to live healthier as I get older. I've had a newsletter since 1998 or so, and decided to trying blogging. I wish I had started sooner because I love it. I can ramble daily and call it my blog! Cool.
My blog is about altered art and what ever else falls into my head at the was started to show some of my work off to others and get my name out there. My goal is to be a designer for a scrapbook paper/items/inks...
I try to post every weekday and add photos
Since installing a counter I get about 100 hits a week, I'm increasing though..
Now I've adding twitter and found Mom Bloggers Club! yea!!
My blog is called Run mommy, run and can be found at

I write about running because it's been a great help to me as a mom. When the kids drive me crazy running helps me to find some peace of mind. I searched the internet about motherhood and running but didn't find very much. So I started my own blog.

I post about two times a week.

I do get some visitors but not all that much. I'm still learning how to attract them.

Hope to see you soon at my blog
Hi all! I currently have two blogs: one personal and the other professional. My personal blog is entitled Being Who God Created Me To Be, where I randomly post about whatever pops into my head, events of the day or week, family stuff, etc.

My professional blog is Mary Lutz, and it's all about starting up my Virtual Assistant business. Once it's up and running, it will of course, focus on other VA issues, concerns, suggestions, comments, ideas, etc.

So, I hope you will check them out, and let me know if you think they are too boring, good, bad, ugly, whatever!

God bless!
Hi, I'm Lori aka Cowboytf. I run A Cowboy's Wife, My Wooden Spoon, Blogging with Cents, and I co-author on doWAHdiddy.

I started out trying to make money with my personal blog and quickly learned I needed a new niche. I created my blogging with cents for blogging tips and internet marketing. Then, I decided I wanted my cowboy blog to focused on ranch & photography and not so much babbling. Finally, I created my recipe blog because I'm always cooking anyways and I've cooked for a ranch several times.

I write about 20 posts a week for all my blogs.
I have very good traffic for all my blogs including around 800 subscribers with all blogs combined. I'm even on the Top 100 Money Making blog list at

My recipe blog includes many photos. I'll be having weekly giveaways starting May 1st through July 31.
I love what I do and look forward to learning more about you all.
My blog is

It's called that because I like to make old things new. I write mostly about family life, my faith and things I make.

I post from 1-3 times a week, just depends on what is going on.

My family and I think it's fun when people we don't know become regular readers.
Hi! My blog is Notes From My Nest. I blog several times a week about a little bit of everything. I love tossing out new resources for moms that I stumble across and I enjoy featuring unique boutiques and indie designers. I'm hosting the Mother's Day Blog Bash, May 8th-16th. Everyone who submits an entry early (by Friday, May 2nd) is entered TWICE for each of the door prize drawings! Here is a sneak peek!
Hi, my name is Dani Vaughn-Tucker and I maintain two blogs besides the one I keep on this site. One blog is called Curious Child's Library Wanderings ( it's about my job as a reference librarian. My other blog is called Archival Wanderings ( and it's about my job as an archivist. Right now I try to post at least weekly but sometimes it's a little more random than that. I get a lot of random traffic, which I love. But I feel like it may be a disappointment to the readers because I'm still trying to find my voice. In "real" life, I think I'm pretty funny but I don't think it comes across so much online. Then again, my husband may disagree on the whole funny part...
Hey there everyone... I'm just diving into the discussion. My blog's URL is, and it's called mycup2yours. I started it because I LOVE coffee! No, actually, even though I do love my morning cup (or two or three...) and my blog has sort of a coffee theme, I started it because I really get encourageed by hearing other mom's stories and insights, and I was hoping to offer some of that encouragement back. I love the idea of taking a break from the hectic pace of mom-hood to talk and laugh--and sometimes cry--with a friend. And I wanted to create a place to fill your cup...

I usually post every two or three days and my visitor list is growing. I've only been blogging for about a month, so I'm definitely still learning. There are so many great blogs out there, and so many great people! Take care, all.
My blog is the Organized Mom (or Organize Your Life) and it is at

I chose this topic mainly because first I'm passionate about organization, and second it was a way to drive traffic to my product (Planning Software for families)

I write 7 posts per week

I get about 300-400 daily visits

Stop by and get organized!


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