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OK, I don't have time to go through each member's profile, so I'm going with the easy way. Respond to this discussion with your blog URL and the name. Can you also include:

* Why you chose that topic to blog about
* How many posts you write a week
* Do you get visitors to your blog (besides family and friends)
* Any other info you wish to share about your blog

Thanks! - Deb

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My blog is I write about my experiences being a new mom, along with health topics for children and mom's, research, findings, etc. I write 5-7 post a week. I get visitors from lots of mom's! It's such a fun community, and I love writing and helping other mom's out!
My blog is called MainelyMom. I am a work-at-home mom from Maine. I discuss bargains that can be obtained through couponing combined with sales shopping and incentive programs. My deals can be found in national chain stores (WalMart, Walgreens), but I only focus on stores available in my area. I also have a calendar of local fun, frugal or free family events. I am working on several weekly themed topics such as Tuesdays with Herman (a column devoted to sourdough starter and recipes), and Where to Go Wednesday. Check it out and let me know what you think!!
Hi everyone, I`m fairly new to blogging...only been doing it since March this year. So far I`ve written 12 posts which is not bad going as I haven`t sorted myself a proper blogging routine out yet. Although I`m not certain I ever will manage any kind of routine, considering I have 4 kids to run around after and another one due in August.
When I do get a chance to write, which is becoming more often as I sneak upstairs a lot for a wee ( well I`m pregnant so I wee a lot.... hee hee ) so I take a quick detore and pop on the computer to add a bit more. My blog is all about me trying to get things done, my kids, my thoughts on stuff and basicaly anything that happens to come into my mind.

I only have 7 followers at the mo, boo hoo, but hey... I`m not grumbling as they only bagan appearing in the last few days so I`m really excited.

I also love reading everyone elses blogs. It`s so nice to see I`m not the only one going mad in a crazy house.
I`d love for anyone to stop by and say hello to me. xx
Don't know if I added mine already, but here it is: & I'm doing a giveaway right now so check it out:). It's about my crazy life as a mom to three boys, I update it every day, and plenty of people visit, but I'd love to have more:)
Hello Deb!

Here is the URL to Family Affair:

The way I choose a topic is based on what is going on in my life or my head, LOL. Originally my blog was created as a means to keep in touch with my deployed husband and him informed on our new born son's milestones. Once he returned I decided to continue with. Though, until recently, I was a slacker with keeping it up-to-date.

Since I really just started back with bloggin, I have been posting a minimum of three posts a week and a maximum of seven.

As for visitors *sad* I don't have any followers, but hope for that to change. I know a few people take a peek at my blog b/c they comment on it in conversation.

There are many things I want to do with my blog, such as compile a list of giveaways that I like going on each week. Also tips on saving money/cutting costs, cloth diapering, and living green. I am open to suggestions and welcome advice:)
I have only been blogging since January of this year and I stil haven't got a 'niche'. I just write when and what I want.

feel free to check it out:
My primary blog is, and I primarily blog about my life with my four tiny kids! I include funny anecdotes, sweet sayings, pictures of the kids, "how tos" on preschool crafts we're doing and sometimes random opinions on various subjects.

I try to blog a few times a week although there are lapses (did I mention I have 4 small kids). Imagine lapsing a bit on the blog!

Mostly my family and friends visit my blog...I haven't set up a traffic thing to see if anyone else is visiting!

I do have a 2nd blog at to feature my newest stationery products, giveaways, etc.
My blog is Papertree -, and I blog about my family, my cat, me, my friends and any creation that I come up with - I'm a scrapbooker, alterer, designer and paper crafter. I primarily set up my blog so my extended family could keep in touch with us - it's grown over the past couple of years and now I blog every day. I love finding and meeting new bloggers! RMS Snowdrop
I started blogging about 2 weight loss challenges I'd joined and then the rest of my life kinda crept in.
I write 5-7 posts a week. I try to write one every day but sometimes life gets in the way!!
Yes, I do get visitors other than friends and family. I recently joined a site for bloggers in my city and have picked up some followers from there. Others have happened onto my blog after Googling adoption and Trisomy 18.
It's an outlet for me, a way to get what's locked up inside of me out. Whatever is going on in my life at the time is usually what winds up in my blog for the day. Some posts are informative, some are funny, and some require a box of tissues. It's much cheaper than therapy!!
my blog is
My blog is combination of posts about raising my 6 year old adopted daughter in NYC and interesting pop cultural/business stories that interest me and hopefully my readers. I started the blog after I was laid from Citigroup, yes that Citigroup. I miss the paycheck but not the company.

I write 1-3 posts a day with no set schedule. (I need one) and get about 60-100 visitors/day. My family and friends for the most part do NOT visit my blog.

Look forward to going through this forum discussion. Its good way to learn about other peoples blogs.
Hello everyone!! I am trying to get the feel of this site and this is officially my first post! yay! ;)

My name is Leila aka Miss LaLa (because almost all kids end up calling me that!) and I am a novice blogger. I've been managing online forums and writing for years so you would think blogging is a natural progression, however, I just never made time for it! After many many many friends and family have encouraged (harassed) me to apply my ambition towards blogging I finally gave in. I'm still trying to figure it all out.

My first projects have to do with my businesses. This is the one I am primarily focusing on:

I'm a single Mom and my two amazing children are my world, I am in the process of launching my home child care again after taking a few years off. Both of my kids have severe food allergies and our lives are by far the quintessential definition of family... but we are definitely a happy one! I will be writing about our life, craft ideas, recipes, activities with kids, my program. My goal is to provide a positive perspective on child care providers, while helping other providers with resources and ideas as well as give families inspiration! I plan on writing at a minimum of twice per week.

Right now I only have friends and family visiting my site because it is so new.

I look forward to getting to know all of you and browsing your blogs! Thanks!
My blog is

I blog about whole living with style and my experiences in changing to more natural lifestyle without giving up syle.
I'm very concerned about the overall amount of toxins and chemicals that our bodies are exposed to in our daily lives that we don't really know anything about - and ways to minimize that exposure - without giving up my lipstick!

I expect to post daily, but at the moment I'm posting 2-3 times a day... I have a lot of posts to get off my brain.
About 60-70% of my visitors are from searches.


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