OK, I don't have time to go through each member's profile, so I'm going with the easy way. Respond to this discussion with your blog URL and the name. Can you also include:

* Why you chose that topic to blog about
* How many posts you write a week
* Do you get visitors to your blog (besides family and friends)
* Any other info you wish to share about your blog

Thanks! - Deb

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I just started blogging last month for the very first time. I blog life , the pursuit of happiness, the journey of a SAHM and other random thoughts that swirl in my head. here is my link...

I blog about once a day and I have not sent out a link to friends and family so the little traffic I have is other bloggers or curious humans on the net.
I love reading blogs and I hope to accumulate a collection of blogs that I enjoy reading and hope that people who like my blog choose to read what I write.
Ok now I am off to check all the neat sounding blogs on this thread.
glad to meet ya' and here i am...

- why i chose that topic to blog about: maintenance of sanity
- how many posts per week: varies depending on the voices in my head...2-4
- other visitors? yes. been recognized by blogher (carry their ads too) and mom logic.
- i started blogging about a year ago so i'm a newbie. i left writing five years ago and wanted to fine-tune my craft after letting it sit dormant for so long. with two children under five, motherhood is the all-encompassing, dominant force in my life these days. so, i started the blog about what I (don't) know best. i soon discovered the amazing power of being able to put my feelings, frustrations, daily trials, etc on paper. Pretty soon people I didn't know (but do now) started reading. I love my little blog family now and it's something I look forward to doing each week. Sometimes I wonder if I'm sharing too much, but then I get a comment from the dark depths of cyberpspace that says, "Thank you. I was feeling the same thing." I smile. Every single time.

Visit me anytime and feel free to follow, sign up for e-mail, etc. if you like what you read.
My blog is Real Mommy Blog

I started this blog just to write about some of the silly things my kids do, and the occasion rant about the perfect moms! It really depends on how busy I am that week how many posts I write, but this week I have done several. I just started it so I don't really get any visitors yet. I have a few coming over from my digi scrap freebie blog but that's it so far.
My blog is Real Mommy Blog

I started this blog just to write about some of the silly things my kids do, and the occasion rant about the perfect moms! It really depends on how busy I am that week how many posts I write, but this week I have done several. I just started it so I don't really get any visitors yet. I have a few coming over from my digi scrap freebie blog but that's it so far.

and i have no idea why it posted twice! sorry!

I'm new the the blog world. As if having two kids wasn't enough work I now got hooked on blogging and have no idea what I'm doing.

Write what you know. Right now I'm a mom on maternity leave and that's what I can say I know about right now.
I post daily. Once the kids are in bed I hop on the computer and post/vent/rant online.
I get visitors. I joined The Secret is in the Sauce and so far I've had lots of visitors welcoming me to the blog world.

Check me out:

Here's the bio:
Angeline Mair is on maternity leave from life in the editorial department at a community newspaper. I'm a self proclaimed supermom and even then being home with an infant and preschooler is proving much more challenging then ever expected. I want to share the ups and downs of parenting with others so I can find comfort that I'm not the only one making a mess of this important part of life.
Hi, I'm Erin! My main blog is Players to be Named Later. It was started by my husband and I to document our life when we first decided to start our family. Now it's about day to day life with our twins. Some weeks have more posts than others, I would say between 2 and 10 posts a week. Some posts are heavy on the pictures and more geared towards keeping family up to date, some are just about the day to day of learning how to cope as a working mom with twins. Lately some women I met on my expecting club board have started doing some vlogging as well. My husband jumps in every now and then but I'd say it's 99% me at this point. I would say most of my visitors are family and friends plus the women from iVillage and I got lots of clicks over from comments I leave on other blogs as well.

Sometimes it can border on TMI at my blog- I let it all hang out...unless I think it will offend my MIL, then I keep my mouth shut.
A good friend and I entered the blogging world at the end of January, 2009, after threatening to do it for a year. Cindy/'Ethel' and I met in 1997, thanks to spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), an insidious disease affecting the motor neurons responsible for movement, swallowing, and breathing. Our baby, Jeffrey, had a severe case of the deadliest form and earned his official wings at 5-1/2 months. Cindy's son, Kevin, is a teen with a milder form and holding his own despite increased weakness.

We both live in NC: my family in the mountains, hers in a small town. Our instant bond quickly transcended the devastation of SMA, and we have been fast, if not sane, friends ever since. In 2001, I wrote a book about our brief time with Jeffrey; Cindy wrote the foreword. Over the years, we spoke often of meeting in the Suite, a happy place with no responsibilities, scales, or bills... but lots of M&Ms. Somewhere along the line, we dubbed ourselves Lucy and Ethel, and The Suite Life of Lucy and Ethel was born :)

While the original intent of our blog was to focus on life - and death - with SMA (along with spreading the word about this leading genetic killer of children under 2), it has become an eclectic blog because we apparently have more ADD than we thought. We have met some terrific fellow blogger moms of special needs children as well as moms who have lost children from other causes; we're glad to be branching out beyond SMA, although that will always remain our 'baby.'

On occasion, we spotlight those in the SMA family, as it’s an incredible group. In addition, we have spotlighted other special circumstances and love finding such blogs for our 'Special Assignments' blogroll. We also have blogs listed that we just enjoy.

We post at least once daily, if not twice, so on a weekly basis, there are 8-14 posts. We do have some followers (we'd love more!), but it looks like we have quite a few subscribers and/or visitors, based on the counter. We have recently joined Twittermania in a quest to draw more attention to the blog in some way, but it's hard to keep up with just a few other things spinning madly on our respective gerbil wheels....

We have found many excellent blogs already! In trying to keep some semblance of focus, we very recently branched out into another blog to cover our quest for losing weight and living frugally, and I just started a blog for our cabin's newsletter because of technical difficulties with the web site program; however, that blog enables me to share the 'rural living' blogs that didn't quite fit anywhere in The Suite Life, which is good :)

Whoa, this is way more info than requested - sorry!

We'll be eagerly checking some of your blogs as we can!


PS - Our claim to a tiny bit of fame was winning a BlogFrog contest last month and being featured for a while (the contest was naming 3 American Idol songs listed in a BlogFrog newsletter, revealing the guilty pleasure for, ahem, one of us...).
Hi Everyone. My name is Robin and I have been blogging since the beginning of May.

The title of my blog is A Balanced Life, LLC and is located at

I chose the topic of A Balanced Lifes because I want to provide all women with resources and information on balancing our daily lives. Not only balance, but I do believe that women can live fulfilled lives. I decided on work/life balance because I spent sooo many years living out of whack. As with all of you, I wear multiple roles and I went from day to day out of balance. I have made many adjustments. I want to assist women with making adjustments to create balance that are applicable to their lifestyle.

I blog 3 times a week. My schedule is Monday, Wednesday and Friday, There are also times when I may do a small post on Sunday.

My blog is really in it's infancy. I have been receiving about 30 visitors a day. However, I haven't really pushed the marketing aspect of my blog hard. I'm at that point now. So please stop by and follow.

I welcome any and all comments. I look forward to learning and blogging with each of you.
I'm trying to unite the parent blogging community...Sure, I'm just a simple Daddy Blogger, and maybe I'm not going to be welcome here, but I think moms and dads all have a lot of great things to talk about.

My blog is call Daddy's Tired and I chose a parenting blog because I am a new dad and I needed a place to vent when things get tough.

I write 2-3 posts a week and I have a column over at the Dad blogs Community which is open to all parents.

I do get a few visitors to my blog and I find the more I comment on other blogs, the more people visit mine. I hope you can check it out.
I just started my own personal/mommy blog. I love to write and have found this, so far, to be an enjoyable outlet for my many mommy emotions. I add a post to my home page just about every night and, as soon as I figure out how to add multiple posts to my other pages, will be adding weekly posts to several of those as well. I include a photo here and there but would love to add an entire gallery, again I just have to figure out how to do it.
The site is fresh and, as such, I still have to build up a readership.
My material surrounds, of course, my family. What makes us different IS our family. Life so far has been an incredible journey and I am honored to be able to share that.

I write about my mommy moments good bad and indifferent, Being a mom is the most important part of my life so it is natural and heartfelt for me to share the ups, downs and everything inbetween. If my experience or lack of can help someone else then that is even better.

I do get visitors to my blog, (not many and I have about 80 followers but I do not think they read blog everyday )as a matter of fact I have not told most of friends and family that I am blogging don't want them to feel like they have to read it, or say something good when they really think my writing stinks or whatever.

I post everyday sometime twice a day (except when I was on vacation last week I took off for the whole 5 days wow)

thank you Melissa
Since all of my money goes to either tuition,my kids or tequila, that's what I blog about.

I am a procrasto-master, and therefore post usually 3-6 times per week. I have been up less than a month, and so far have a total hit number of 2600(?) Response has been positive, and I have 2 more years of University to procrastinate my way through, so... I'll be at it for a while.

Come visit!


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