OK, I don't have time to go through each member's profile, so I'm going with the easy way. Respond to this discussion with your blog URL and the name. Can you also include:

* Why you chose that topic to blog about
* How many posts you write a week
* Do you get visitors to your blog (besides family and friends)
* Any other info you wish to share about your blog

Thanks! - Deb

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I blog at A Wild Ride"">A Wild Ride. I blog about issues facing moms of challenging/special needs. I chose this topic because I am one of those mothers whose child has made tremendous improvement and I want to help other mothers. I post almost every other day. I do get visitors and even some wonderful comments and emails from those who found some benefit to my Blog and to the A Wild Ride web site.

A Wild Ride is a great resource. Please pass on the information to any parent you know who is struggling with a challenging child. They will thank you for it.

Cheers, Elizabeth
I blog personally at I blog about my kids, my family, my life. Then I blog at about simplifying and organizing your life, as I am a professional organizer. I love blogging (although I am fairly new to it). I find it to be therapeutic, comforting and addictive! I post to both daily (at least once a day actually). Like I said I am addicted.
Think Mama Think is my attempt to collect and share insight, books, news, and fun stuff with other (thinking) moms. I focus more on the mother than the child/partner, and askew a lot of the topics of other mom-centric blogs which often seem to focus on how awesome my kids are, can you believe celebrity-X did that, and projects that I am neither creative nor organized enough to accomplish. Other blogs do that stuff, and much better than I ever could.

I post on average about 5-10 times a week. I try to post something everyday, but usually don't. I would venture that most of my visitors are not people I know, because I don't know that many people. But I am definitely in the fledgling stage. I have noticed the numbers are trending up in the last week or so.

I work hard to bring up topics that I don't see being covered on other mom blogs, or at least not given the attention I think they deserve. I do share links to lots of other mom blogs with my readers. I try to offer all sides to an issue over time. General topic areas: green living, frugality, parenting, health, books, and feminism/women's issues.
I actually started a journal on another message board 5 years ago when my husband and I started trying to conceive. At the time, the journal was mainly about our experience trying to start a family and how it affected our marriage, our finances, etc. It was a long and rough road for us and I'm so glad that I kept a journal to document all that we have been through (sometimes on especially rough days with the kids, I'll read some entries from that journal and realize how blessed I am).

Then I started my blog as a way to keep in touch with friends and family when I was 22 weeks pregnant with my 2nd set of twins. And it just took off from there.

I mainly blog about my life raising 2 sets of twins. I say it like it sugar-coating here! I also blog about marriage issues, family issues and other things that come to mind when I sit down to write a post.

I write about every other day. I do have other visitors to my blog, besides friends and family. Most people find my blog by doing a google search on 2 sets of twins!
Morningside Mom at:

Topic: I am technically a mommy blogger, talking about all things relating to being a mom, in Florida, at home and on my own a lot while my husband works insane hours. But my brain tends to wander and I tread on allll sorts of territory: politics, music, animal rights, the environment, I even just blogged about visiting a medium for the first time. So all topics go for me.

Number of posts: I try very hard to post every other day. But I am on vacation now so thats a bit tougher.

Visitors: Surprisingly and oh so gratefully YES!!! Thank you to MBC folks who've stopped by! You ladies rock.

Like the red bull ad, Blogging gives me wings. It has honestly changed my outlook on life. Come on over and visit sometime, I always try to say Hi back! :)
I write my blog about things that come to mind, things that strike me as funny or touch my heart. I write about stuff that makes me happy or sad or angry. Or just stuff that I know that other moms go through. I do at least one post a day, 7 days a week but most days it is two or three depending on what I have to say/share. I have developed "friends" from people all other the world. These were not people I knew or knew me. I have to say the message I hear a lot is that my pics are funny and really match what my topic is about. I also hear that my blog is funny and has lots of variety.
I started my Eclectic Schooling blog last April on Blogger, as an outlet for myself, really. I spend nearly all my time and energy on my, dog, husband, house, etc., so it was a way for me to do something creative on my own. I blog about our homeschooling activities mostly, and parenting/mommy stuff, with an occasional feature on my giant goofy Great Dane. I average 6-7 posts per week and 6 to 10 visitors a day. I'd love to actually make a little money through blogging, as it is something I enjoy, and we could use the extra income. But, I don't want to sacrifice the joy of it, or sell my soul to earn a few bucks. It has to be real, ya know? I hope you'll stop by for a visit.
If you are a homeschooler or parent you will find lots of resources and activity ideas, plus a few laughs, I hope.
I blog about being the mama of five kids and running a business (Mabel's Labels Inc.) It's a hectic life so I've got loads of material! I find it a bit frustrating knowing that I get a lot of hits, but very few comments. In fact, I've had strangers track me down on email to let me know they love my blog, but didn't just pop it in the comments! I'm fairly new to this so maybe I'll figure that stuff out along the way.
I am brand new to the club, what fun! My blog is I am a Stallholder for Barefoot Books and I talk about book reviews, the fun events that I have done and my family. My family doesn't even know that I really blog so I get a good flow of non-family visitors daily.

Sarah, poopsy woo is great! I can't wait to visit everyone else's blog.
Hey there,

I am Shelby and I am a Dress Down Mom. I have a blog site at and I blog about mom/family stuff Monday to Friday.

I am getting a variety of readers from all over and great support from people I know as well.

I am supporting local business that is geared to moms. The businesses are promoted and the moms get a deal.

I am having great fun writing and am looking forward to visiting more of your blogs!
My blog is Sage and Savvy

I started blogging in June to share w/my friends and family opinions on different products I use--mainly eco-friendly, organic products--a lot of which are hard to find in Hawaii. I post at least 3-5x a week, and I get visitors, but not as much as some of the more experienced mommy bloggers.

I'm starting to feature organic, eco-friendly companies who are also providing discounts--a big plus for a lot of us in Hawaii because our options are limited in terms of eco-friendly products and companies.

If anyone has any sage and savvy product they know of that I should check out, please let me know!
My blog is

I'm a mom, but I wouldn't say the blog is about my boys. It's alllllllll about ME...the boys just have supporting roles. ;-D

I have been trying to blog every day...and so far it has been going well! I don't have tooooo much traffic....around 25-30 visits a day. I am hoping that will go up a bit and I am using the Blog of Dreams philosophy of " If you blog it, they will come...."


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