Nanit - The Baby Monitor That Thinks what?

Write a book?
Become a professional blogger?
Spend more time with your kids because you blog TOO much?

What does blogging make you want to do?

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For me blogging is to document my time with my family, because I can look at it in years to come and so my girls! I also, want to make what I write into a book for my family... maybe a coffee table book for people to look at when they come over!
Blogging makes me want to....

Become a better writer.
Connect with more people.
Cry (on bad days)

Going Bananas Blog
ooh I want to be a professional blogger also! sign me up.
Makes me want to... hmm... I don't know. Promote my blog more?! Haha.

Or maybe it just makes me want to waste time on the computer.
Take better pictures. I envy those bloggers that take professional pictures. Also, I would love to give product recommendations on the local news. Who am I kidding, I would love to give them on Oprah, but I wouldn't say no to the local folks.
Try new ideas, write more, and explore more blogs to try new recipes, organizational tips, and just have fun...after all..."girls' just wanna have fun"... right ;-) hahahhaaa That was bad I know....

I would love to increase my readership as well. I am finding it a bit difficult. I do like coming on to the site and reading other blogs.  I have found some great blogs. I normally keep track of the blogs that I join and try to comment on them at least once every other week until I just never hear from them.  I love having tons of blogs to read and respond too.


...make stuff! This is my creative outlet, so blogging makes me want to write more, make more recipes, craft more crafts and hang out with other bloggers who understand my blogging addiction! ;)


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