Are more moms blogging for money, books for review, and free products?

There's no doubt about it: Marketers love mom bloggers. Not only do we make buying decisions for our own families, but as we blog and gain a loyal readership we have the potential to also influence the buying decisions of those we talk to every day via our blogs.

So! Do you think the motivation behind a lot of mom blogging these days is to simply get free stuff and garner ad dollars? Or, do you think moms who blog do it for networking, friendship, or perhaps to hone their writing skills and the free stuff and ad revenue are just extras.

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Even though I do occasional sponsored posts, do product reviews, and book reviews... I've always felt that my blog is for fun and connecting with other bloggers like myself. I have alot of fun commenting on other blogs and getting to know the people who comment on mine. It's nice getting emails from readers and blogfriends asking about me when I've been sick and MIA.

I do book reviews simply because I LOVE to read but have stuck myself in a rut with the genres I've been reading. Doing book reviews makes me step out of my safety zone and read new about things. I love getting to keep the books because I'm a total bibliophile. lol. Any other compensation really doesn't matter to me. Just gimme the book to read! :)

I started doing sponsored posts because it was a way for me to help my husband out a little. I have cancer and several medical conditions that make co-pays expensive so being able to lift that burden off his shoulders even a few times made me feel like a contributor again despite being disabled. Most moms I know who do sponsored posts do it for the same reason- as a way to give to their family too.

I fell into product reviews and now I love it. I do them just because I have fun writing, like to write, and it helps exercise my mind when I'm sick and laid up. The only compensation I ask for is to keep the product I review and that's it. My kids have had a chance to play with some great toys and games plus it has given me a chance to be able to give games, toys, and products to the local battered womens' shelter for the kids to play. I was one of those kids once and I remember that the boredom was one of the worst parts. I also get to give generously to Toys For Tots this year which makes my whole Christmas.

I think moms who blog for money/freebies do it as a way to help out their family and feel like they are contributing. I think most of us blog to reach out to other moms out there because we might live in a rural area and not know anyone close by like us. Blogging lets you get to know so many people, share with them, and see into their lives too.

We're also all wannabe writers so you bet we're trying to hone our writing skills. ;)
I can appreciate this -- I am always on the lookout for age-appropriate toys or other products, hearing what others have to say about them. I'll have to check out your blog!
I starting blogging after I had attended a talk about "Buzz Marketing" and viral marketing. Blogging was mentioned as a potential tool. I was curious how "Blogging" worked and started a personal blog.

My blog has been a great tool to remember the events in my daily life that I find amusing as well as unloading when I feel the need to rant.

Between the time my friends and I were newly married and the time we had children, we would call out for conversation. Now that we have kids, it is hard to find time to chat. My blog is my new "calling out for conversation".
I think we do it for a little of everything. I use to go out a lot when I was single and now with two kids and a hubby...I blog instead. I started my blog...when I was frustrated trying to advertise my and companies wanted $500. a month to advertise on their site. Who can afford that??? Not me. I thought I would reach out to companies that don't have a large budget. A lot of companies appreciate what I do and we network together. And it is a little like Christmas on some days which is really cool. But, I have met some really wonderful people through blogging.
I think it really depends on the person. I am in the PR field, and for some clients the different influencers are the folks we target for media out reach, particularly when seeding product. However, I started my blog because some of the crazy things my kids get into were to good not to share. Additionally, I love to write and thought blogging would also be a good outlet for to focus more on writing and share and connect with other mom's who are going through some of the same adventures with their children.
I blog for both fun and business. I have a mommy blog and blogs for my ministry and business. I currently don't make a lot of money off of the blogging itself though I'd like to, but I love the community and friendships.
I would love to blog for money~~~ how do you do that?? I see lots of blogs giving away awesome prizes and such..I'm just an artist...and do good to get some viewers.. Most of the blogs I look do not use the corporate world as blog fodder..


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